Release: Instituto KondZilla and iFood partner to train young people and delivery people

Initiative allocates funds to the Escola de Criadores social impact program and has exclusive experience for delivery drivers

The KondZilla Institute, a non-profit organization that develops education and training programs for youth and social impact actions for favelas, and iFood, a Brazilian company that is a reference in online delivery, signed a partnership to offer training and training experiences focused on preparing the population for the future of work and content creation in the digital universe, with the aim of increasingly strengthening young people on the outskirts and promoting the development of the platform's delivery people.

The partnership has two fronts: one focused on structuring and scaling the social impact and education program “Escola de Criadores”, aimed at young people from the outskirts, and the other focusing on training and boosting the careers of delivery drivers who want to become creators. content, better prepare yourself for the creative industry or develop a fundamental skill for work: communication.

The initiative is carried out through iFood Decola, an educational program with more than 100 courses for iFood partners to learn how to operate better in delivery and, consequently, be able to earn a higher income through personal development. Decola is part of the company's initiatives in the field of education, considered iFood's main cause today to promote social transformation.

Find out more about the programs:

School of Creators

The Creators School is the professional training program for young people developed and implemented by the KondZilla Institute. The first training cycle is taking place in Guarujá, where Konrad Dantas, known as KondZilla, was born. 

The Escola de Criadores is a program made possible by social investments from iFood Decola and Instituto XP, starting an alliance to boost the economy of creators and expand the possibilities of professional insertion and personal fulfillment for peripheral youth in Brazil.

In Guarujá, more than 400 young people were mobilized in awareness-raising and listening activities. 40 young people were then selected and are undergoing training in the world of content creation and distribution in the digital world. The training covers topics such as script creation, marketing strategies, content planning and production, as well as socio-emotional skills, critical thinking, social entrepreneurship and financial education. Students receive a monthly financial aid grant of R$500.00 during the program and will have access to a scholarship in their areas of specialization interest, offered by the British School of Creative Arts (EBAC). 

“The Creators School is the KondZilla Institute’s first structured training. It was carefully developed to encourage young people to access the job market and accelerate their career, but without losing the human, critical and socio-emotional training component. We want to revolutionize access for favela youth to training in audiovisual, media, culture, creative economy and entertainment and we envision an entire generation of creative professionals, building new narratives and transforming the industry. Achieving this dream requires collective construction and we are starting this great movement of partners and alliances for the creative, young and peripheral economy throughout Brazil”, says João Vitor, director of the KondZilla Institute. 

Creator iFood: training for delivery people

In addition to focusing on young people from the outskirts, the partnership with the KondZilla Institute is also included in the iFood Decola online platform, aimed at iFood delivery drivers, which offers quick and training courses on topics other than delivery, such as financial education, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence and traffic legislation.

As a result, a knowledge trail was created on the platform called “Transform your content into business: Innovate and grow on social networks”, made up of six chapters, exclusively for iFood delivery partners. 

The 16 participating delivery drivers who stand out the most throughout the course will be selected through a public notice for an exclusive experience at KondZilla. The notice will analyze the trajectory of the creative delivery people who took the course and how involved they are with content production.

The Creator iFood event will aim to immerse you in the universe of creators with a visit to KondZilla, getting to know behind the scenes and the content production industry, a totally practical workshop that will help those selected to boost their initiatives, businesses and ideas as creators.

To conclude the exclusive immersion promoted by Instituto KondZilla and Ifood Decola, those selected presented their projects to a special panel formed by KondZilla executives who will recognize with prizes the highlights among the winners of the notice. 

“The partnership with the KondZilla Institute is yet another way for us to expand iFood’s operations in the area of education”, says Sylmara Ramon, education manager at iFood. “We support programs from basic education to higher education, including rapid training that helps to operate better in delivery, to support the development and income of our delivery partners. With this partnership, we want to provide iFood partners with another opportunity to learn, dream and even undertake in an area as relevant as the creative economy”, adds the executive.

The partnership between Instituto KondZilla and iFood was recently formalized at an event at the Teatro Municipal do Guarujá.

About iFood

iFood is a Brazilian technology company that is a reference in online delivery in Latin America, which brings customers, restaurants and delivery people together in a simple and practical way. iFood aims to feed the future of Brazil and the world, transforming society through education and technology, food security, inclusion and with a positive socio-environmental impact.

With more than 70 million monthly orders, iFood works with business intelligence and management solutions to promote and develop an ecosystem of more than 300,000 registered establishments, 200,000 connected delivery people in more than 1,700 cities across Brazil. Having been in the market for 11 years, the company goes beyond food delivery and is also growing in Market, Fintech and Benefits businesses, combining technology and convenience in delivering solutions to partners. iFood has an important Brazilian investor, Movile – global leader in mobile marketplaces. 

For more information about iFood, its news and our hunger to feed the world, visit iFood News.

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About the KondZilla Institute 

With 11 years in the audiovisual and music market, KondZilla has become the largest entertainment producer in Brazil and Latin America. Through funk, many peripheral narratives were told to the entire world. 

Through its Impact Strategy, Kondzilla puts its experience, social capital, knowledge and connections at the service of developing projects and initiatives that strengthen Youth and Peripheries with the founding of the KondZilla Institute. 

From education and through culture and entertainment, the organization has expanded in the Santos region with the aim of having a national impact in the coming years. The institute's activities take place in person and online for young people from peripheral areas and favelas with a focus on education and employability for the creative industries. In addition to strengthening and collaborating on peripheral narratives through communication campaigns and the Pra Favela Vencer editorial line.

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