Ribeirão Preto is the first city in the interior to host an iFood meeting with delivery drivers

With 20 delivery partners present, foodtech arrives in the interior of São Paulo to listen closely to the region's major needs

“Voz dos Entregadors: Escuta Ribeirão Preto” is part of a series of regional meetings to listen closely to the opinions of partners across the national territory

iFood is holding today the regional meeting “Voice of Delivery People: Listen to Ribeirão Preto”, a conversation between representatives of the platform and delivery partners. For the first time, the initiative takes place outside a capital and the chosen inland city is Ribeirão Preto.

“We chose Ribeirão because it is very important in the interior of São Paulo. We are here to exchange ideas with delivery people so that the region can be heard”, explains Alexandre Martinez, logistics manager at iFood. 

The regional event invited 20 delivery drivers, selected after dozens of partners in the region showed interest in participating and went through a selection process that uses criteria such as length of partnership with the platform, delivery evaluation and diversity. This care with the criteria seeks to guarantee a conversation based on the real and consistent experience of delivery partners and, at the same time, allow everyone to be heard. Among those selected were couriers from the Logistics Operator (OL) and cloud modalities.

“We are starting a series of meetings so that delivery partners in all corners of the country can be heard. All this information will help us build solutions for our objective: to be the best platform for delivery people”, explains Alexandre Martinez, logistics manager at iFood and one of the company representatives present.

The date 

The moment in Ribeirão Preto will be special, mainly to understand the great needs of the region in the interior of São Paulo. More than a direct exchange of information between iFood representatives and delivery drivers, the result will help iFood improve the day-to-day lives of these partners.  

The first regional meeting, in a series that will be held throughout the year, took place in April in the city of Recife (PE) and included delivery drivers from that region, who participated in conversations with foodtech representatives. The second meeting was held in the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza and was attended by 40 couriers from both categories.

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