Rock in Rio 2022: iFood builds Gaming House to take the biggest Brazilian electronic sports talents to the festival

São Paulo, August 2022 – iFood, official delivery of Rock in Rio Brasil 2022, will promote an exclusive experience for the gaming community during the festival. The company built a Gaming House, a house commonly used by professional eSports teams, in the city of Rock so that the public can get to know and participate in the routine of professional players like those from Fluxo, an organization created by two of the biggest Free Fire stars in Brazil , Nobru and Cerol. 

”RiR is an event of memorable experiences far beyond music. And iFood, as gamers' favorite delivery, will bring the great idols of this community for fans to interact and play together in our gaming house”, says Vivian Jung, Head of Marketing at iFood. “More than 20 talents from Fluxo will be there delivering everything inside and outside the event in lives connected to the themes of each day of the festival.”, he concludes.  

During every day of the festival, iFood will provide a moment for the public to meet and take photos with the gamers. Furthermore, people present will be able to play Free Fire at the Gaming House and the score achieved will be part of a daily ranking that will be displayed on the facade of the mansion.

Matt Pereira, General Manager of Fluxo and partner at 3C Gaming, an agency specializing in gaming responsible for Fluxo talent and the gaming house's creative strategy, adds: “Fluxo fans are very passionate, regardless of the sport, as well as music. We understand that it is the perfect experience, with our athletes, gameplay and music in one place, in an interactive way, with the opportunity to play against the big names in the scene.” .

At iFood's Gaming House, screens and music from the game will be available that connect with the artists on the festival's line-up. For gamers who want to follow from home, the entire program will be shown on the influencers' and/or Fluxo's YouTube channels.

iFood and Electronic Games

In the first half of 2022, iFood announced its first sponsorship in the eSports universe (official electronic game competitions) by supporting Fluxo, an organization created by two of Free Fire's biggest stars, Nobru and Cerol. The sponsorship includes Fluxo's mobile, emulator and women's teams. 

iFood's relationship with games comes from 2021 with three notable actions. The first was the creation of your metaverse, where players could be couriers on Cidade Alta, the main GTA V server in Latin America. Afterwards, the company joined Ambev and Nubank to be present at the Good Game WP eSports championship. And closed the year creating a pop-up restaurant to celebrate the launch of “Arcane”, the League of Legends animated series.



Wax: the best streamer in Brazil and one of the pillars of the rise of Free Fire in the country. Cerol revolutionized the game's content in its lives and promoted the national scene. 

Mobile Training: An open, in-person training session will be held by our Fluxo mobile team, which will also be broadcast live on the pro-players' channels.  


Nobru: The voice of Brazil on the world stage, Nobru is the aspirational of its time and takes eSports to new places, connecting its lifestyle with different aspects of Brazilian pop culture. On this day, the top 3 at the top of Gaming House's daily Free Fire rankings will have the chance to play with the legend Nobru. 


X2 of the Crias: Stars from the emulator scene will compete in doubles matches. Bak and Rekkon will be in Rock City playing with Flupy, Manomax and Two9 who will be from home. 


Classic Duel: the legends Nobru and Cerol will face each other in games that in a short time have already marked the history of games: CS:GO, Free Fire, Fall Guys, FIFA and Fortnite.  


RiR Complex: Lucas Gagliasso is the biggest influencer on Complexo, GTA's Role Play server. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he will do a live broadcast directly from Cidade do Rock, with a contextualized story for this special day. 


RiR Complex: After Luqueta introduces the subject of Rock in Rio at the Complex, Gorila and Ale will do a live broadcast directly from the Gaming House to distribute iFood coupons on the server. 


X1 of the Mines: On the day that the Lineup is entirely female, we will celebrate women in the gaming world with disputes between the Fluxo female team and Rajah, an influencer from the organization who was revealed by the community. 

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