Be an iFood delivery person in GTA

To take advantage of the growth of the gaming industry and attract consumer attention, the iFood is the first delivery app to invest in this universe. From now on, GTA players will be able to be a delivery man for the brand. And each delivery will yield money to be used within the game, as well as reputation and discount coupons on the company's physical app.
Furthermore, to make the experience closer to real life, the player will be able to choose between an electric bike, motorbike or car and their preferred mode – receiving delivery from Avalanches, the GTA's virtual restaurant, or Altamart, the virtual shopping market. of various items from the server city.
According to Data Stories, a monthly publication by Kantar IBOPE Media, the intense use of the internet means that the public is always connected, moving very fluidly between the real and the virtual, absorbing information through all points of contact. Therefore, fluid reality will be a trend in advertising.
The marketing action will be available in the game for six months. The company announced that it will soon have more news.


Article originally published in Metropolises/Brasília.
Airing date: 09/27/2021 at 3:00 pm

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