How iFood improved the restaurant experience in 2022

In the first week of 2022, wrote an article for the iFood News to share with you the commitments that iFood made to improve the restaurant experience on the platform throughout the year.

After all, the experience with the Covid-19 pandemic showed us that the delivery is here to stay, expanding the opportunity for business growth and opening up space for new entrepreneurs, focused solely on food at home.  

Therefore, a major focus of iFood in 2022 was to improve the experience of more than 300 thousand establishments partners registered on the platform. To get there, we focus our efforts on two fronts of action: improving the app's functionalities through a continuous improvement agenda and building a close relationship through dialogue with partners 

Build a rapprochement and dialogue relationship with partners

One of the hallmarks of 2022 was the evolution of iFood's dialogue with restaurants, raised to a level that we had not reached until then.

We currently have proprietary and accessible channels such as Instagram and YouTube, which, in less than a year, are already dedicated to communicating important information about new iFood news to more than 110 thousand followers and subscribers and are full of tips to boost your business.

Speaking of leveraging our education platform Takes off impacted more than 45 thousand partners who have already certified in at least one of the more than 40 courses and trails available free of charge. 

The main source of rapprochement, however, was the Restaurant Forum, a group formed by 20 iFood partner entrepreneurs and started in March, which established a journey of active listening, a dialogue that helped iFood to promote improvements.

On a monthly basis, restaurant representatives share their needs in the relationship with iFood and bring feedbacks about improvements made to tools and processes being implemented. 

There were more than 110 hours of contributions and conversation, in almost 40 tests and collaborations with partners who represent different culinary segments and are in different regions of the country. 

Throughout the year, we made changes based on this listening, always with a lot of transparency and trust from the approach groups. Together, we managed to make significant progress on important agendas, such as cancellation, service, super restaurants, among other topics.

In addition to the Restaurant Forum initiative, we speak directly with the main bar and restaurant associations across Brazil, which represent thousands of restaurants, and also with experts and digital influencers in the delivery market, who bring up questions raised by the restaurants that accompany them. on your content channels.

iFood launched in May the Continuous Improvement Report to give more visibility and transparency to the improvements developed. Content is constantly updated with ongoing improvements. 

Continuous Improvement Agenda 

From dialogue and listening with restaurants, the Continuous Improvement Agenda was born, a project dedicated to improving the restaurant experience through the evolution of features and tools that facilitate the day-to-day operation of restaurants.

The project is divided into priority fronts. There are 16 themes, and among these, iFood has put more energy into some to make major changes by March 2023. They are: Cancellation, Super Restaurants, Financial Screen, Service, Promotions, Communication and Order Manager. 

One of the main achievements of the Continuous Improvement Agenda in 2022 was the reformulation of the Cancellation Policy, now fairer for everyone involved, as it allows restaurants to participate in the cancellation process, having the opportunity to interact and reach a consensus with consumers.

The new policy helped restaurants go from 30% in shares of cancellation requests to 75%. iFood's intention is to reach 100% of participation, and we are on the way to achieving this.

In addition, iFood has made chat available in the Order Manager to help resolve operational problems more quickly while an order is in progress, helping especially in times of high demand. 

Other initiatives were also accelerated to improve partners' performance, such as the new Super program, launched in September with clearer and more transparent rules, and Inventory Management, so that partners do not worry about problems selling items unavailable in their restaurant.

The year 2022 was very important for iFood to get closer to partner restaurants and promote improvements that impact operations on the platform. 

And that was just the beginning. In 2023, we will continue to prioritize the same topics — such as Cancellation, Financial Screening, Promotions and Service — for our partners through the continuous improvement agenda and we will evolve even further on the fronts of listening and approaching our partners. Our goal is always to be much better tomorrow than we are for restaurants today.

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