Do you want to start a delivery business? iFood partners tell us how it is 

Check out testimonials from those who are on the app about what the platform offers to entrepreneurs

As a Brazilian technology company, iFood is a partner for those who want to start a delivery business. And, to celebrate the Entrepreneur's Day (October 5), this week the company is sharing free e-books, courses, articles, podcasts and other materials on iFood profile for Partners, on Instagram.

This is another of the platform's initiatives to help entrepreneurs, whether experienced or first-timer. On a daily basis, iFood has a series of advantages for restaurants, cafeterias and other establishments.

What iFood offers entrepreneurs

Anyone who wants to start a delivery business alongside the company has marketing tools, order management, delivery logistics, training courses, more accessible credit lines and access to a base of 43 million customers, for example.

What is it like to undertake delivery with iFood?

“iFood has been an incredible partner on our entrepreneurial journey. In addition to providing a solid platform, he supports us with support that is vital for our growth”, comments Oell Reis, 39, creator of Griot Burger, the first Afro-centric burger restaurant in Salvador.

In August, he participated in the iFood Believes — an initiative to accelerate the growth of black entrepreneurs on the platform — and received tips on delivery logistics and encouragement to take courses on iFood Decola.

“iFood, today, is more than a delivery app”, says Oell. “This partnership is a link that connects us to more people, sharing our wonderful menu and passion for cooking.”

This connection with the public is also valued by Tathiana Fernandes, 44, founder of Tathi Bolos & Doces, which sells cakes, snacks and sweets on the app. “For me, being an entrepreneur means turning dreams into reality, facing challenges and constantly learning,” he says.  

“iFood is an incredible platform for entrepreneurs, as it connects restaurants to customers, giving more visibility to our business. iFood changed our lives”, adds the entrepreneur. 

The partners at The Rooster, which specializes in buckets of fried chicken, say that 75% of their sales come from the iFood app. And the partnership bore fruit not only through the marketing tools offered, but also through the courses they took at iFood Decola.

The app also helps test new menu items, adds Marley Costa Santos, 40, one of the founders of The Rooster. “The platform brings returns if you know how to work within it.”

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