iFood and partner restaurants discuss operational improvements

Fourth meeting of the Restaurant Forum is part of actions to improve the delivery experience of establishments

On June 21st, iFood and 20 representatives from partner restaurants met at 4th Restaurant Forum Meeting, held in Osasco (SP), to continue the series of meetings (in-person and digital) in which they discuss the continuous improvement processes that the company has been developing together with them to improve the experience of establishments within the application. 

The Forum takes place monthly and will last for 12 months (check here what was discussed at the meetings March, April It is May), always with the same group of debaters. In it, restaurant owners share their demands and their impressions about the improvements that the foodtech has carried out in tools and processes.

At the 4th Meeting of the Restaurant Forum, iFood presented deliveries and progress on the demands discussed in previous meetings. Furthermore, it highlighted the improvements that have been being worked on on the following fronts:

  • Improper cancellations (restaurants may report in the Partner Portal and in the Order Manager who cancels in an apparently suspicious way)
  • Improvements to the Financial screen on the Partner Portal;
  • Super-Restaurants Program, which recognizes establishments for the quality of service and products offered.

“The Restaurant Forum is fully connected to our mission of improving the experience of our partners on the app. This channel of interaction with them has allowed iFood to act more assertively in the main pain points that they signal to us. We are very happy with all the advances we have managed to achieve to date, our focus is to continue channeling suggestions from partners to build new fronts together that guarantee greater efficiency, agility and quality in delivery operations”, comments Arnaldo Bertolaccini, director of experience at iFood restaurants.

Continuous improvement

To continue the active listening process, maintain a close transparent relationship and improve the restaurant experience on the platform, iFood created the Continuous Improvement Report

The initiative aims to give more visibility and present the prioritization of projects, which are highlighted and discussed by the partner restaurants themselves in research and also in meetings such as the Forum, which are carried out by the company on five fronts (service; cancellation; logistics; screen financial and menu) to improve the experience of bars and restaurants in the app.

The latest version (from June 2022) shows the following actions that are under testing or development on iFood.


Action: Service in the Manager – the service chat is available in the Order Manager to assist in contacting the customer in times of high demand.
Status: In testing.


Action: Report customers with allegedly irregular conduct. Following the complaint, the customer undergoes an assessment by the iFood team and, if the conduct is proven, they are banned from the platform.
Status: Completed.

Action: Delivery confirmation for basic plan partners using the 4-digit code.
Status: Completed.


Action: Delimitation of time between orders that can be grouped to avoid waiting for delivery people in restaurants.
Status: Completed. 

Action: Visibility of logistics for the consumer, who now knows when logistics is the responsibility of iFood or the establishment.
Status: Completed.

Action: Intelligent preparation – indication of the exact start of order preparation at times with low availability of delivery people to reduce loss of quality due to waiting time.
Status: In testing.

Action: Increased number of couriers with card payment machines.
Status: In testing.

Action: Adjust the delivery time by five minutes (more or less) to prevent delays at times of peak demand.
Status: In testing.

Action: Editing the preparation time per order so that the restaurant manager can help learn iFood's artificial intelligence, which indicates the time it takes the delivery person to arrive at the restaurant.
Status: In development.

Financial Screen

Action: New view of the financial screen on the Partner Portal, simpler and faster in displaying information. The order screen provides the basis for calculating the commission and fees for each order, making the net value clearer.
Status: Completed.


Action: Menu management linked to the availability of a product, avoiding cancellation due to lack of an item.
Status: In testing.

Action: New menu view that allows restaurants to manage more than one menu on a single screen, enabling different sales strategies.
Status: In testing.

Other improvements

Action: Two-factor authentication (WhatsApp, email or phone) to increase security when accessing the Partner Portal.

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