iFood launches unprecedented continuous improvement report in conjunction with restaurants

For the first time, the company will bring together updates on the initiatives most desired by restaurant partners and that are being tested and implemented, on topics such as cancellation, logistics and service.  

Report is part of the listening and transparency process that iFood is creating with its partners.

With the aim of continuing the active listening process, maintaining a close relationship of transparency and improving the restaurant experience on the platform, iFood is launching for the first time the Continuous Improvement Report. The initiative was created to give more visibility and present the prioritization of projects, which are highlighted and discussed by the partner restaurants themselves in research and also in meetings such as the Restaurant Forum, carried out monthly by iFood to improve and enhance the experience of establishments on the platform.

The objective is for partners across the country to monitor the actions that are being tested, developed and implemented on priority fronts, including service, cancellation, logistics, financial screen, menu, among others.  

The improvement initiatives will be shared with the entire base of more than 300 thousand establishments registered in the application. The most urgent initiative chosen by iFood is the cancellation flow. In May, aiming to improve the partners' experience, iFood implemented two improvements highly requested by restaurants: a Delivery Confirmation tool – which guarantees the restaurant with its own delivery that the consumer has received the order; and another solution for reporting and blocking fraudster customers. Both minimize abusive order cancellations on the platform. 

In addition to these, there are other improvements that encourage contact between restaurant and customer, with the aim of resolving any problems with the order. A channel is also being created for disputes and the possibility of charging for customers who cancel an order that is already in preparation or on the delivery route.

According to Arnaldo Bertolaccini, experience director for iFood restaurants, this is a way of putting into practice the process of listening, prioritizing and resolving the pain points highlighted by the app's partners. “We know we need to improve the restaurant experience, and we are actively working together with our partners to bring solutions. With this material, we want to make what we are doing clearly tangible, and also open up space to build new fronts together that guarantee greater efficiency, agility and quality in delivery operations”, explains Bertolaccini. 

Listening process

The Restaurant Forum is a monthly meeting program held by iFood since March 2022, which aims to establish rapprochement, dialogue and transparency with entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized establishments across Brazil, which today represent more than 80% of the platform's partner base . The proposed dynamic occurs with the division of groups into debate tables, to talk about priority areas of action, such as cancellation, logistics, financial experience and service/communication. 

“Before coming to the meeting, I already had an expectation of being able to talk about the things that bother me, that we felt could be different. And suddenly talking directly to the people who work at iFood and who can make change happen, with receptivity, was wonderful”, comments Helena El Horr, from the Matula Marmitaria restaurant, in Curitiba (PR).

“We understand the desires of these partners to prioritize problems and establish this improvement agenda, with the intention of putting all the demands and suggestions we hear on paper. Our aim is to make this a continuous process of listening and developing solutions”, adds Arnaldo, director of experience for iFood restaurants.

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