Restaurants: what is an iFood Super?

Find out what the little star next to the name of the restaurants means and how to find a Super in the app

When you see a little star next to a restaurant's name in the app, it indicates that it received the Super seal of iFood and was recognized by deliver the best experience for consumers.

The performance of restaurants is constantly evaluated on the iFood platform. In this process, the Super program recognizes with a little star those who receive a high average rating from consumers and who do well in other parameters evaluated in their operation (such as a low level of open calls and cancellations).

Thus, the Super seal helps consumers choose a good restaurant on the iFood app anywhere in Brazil, knowing that they will have the best delivery experience. And, on the other end, evaluation motivates entrepreneurs to have a increasingly better quality delivery.

Want to know how you discover a Super in the app? There are two ways to do this — check them out below.

  1. Open the iFood app and scroll down until you find “Stores”
  2. Just above the list of restaurants, you will find several filter options, such as “Order” and “Free Delivery”
  3. Drag to the left and look for the “Super Restaurants” filter
  4. Ready! There's your list of establishments with the Super seal!
  1. Open the iFood app and click on “Restaurants” at the top of the screen
  2. When the list of restaurants appears, Super are those with a star just to the right of their name.
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