How to protect your cell phone data from criminals

With simple actions, you can protect your cell phone from criminals invading in case of theft; Check out the tips from the iFood corporate security team.

What should you do to prevent your device and applications from being hacked in the event of robbery or theft?

One in every three Brazilians who have a smartphone has had the device stolen or stolen, according to a research carried out in 2021 by Mobile Time and Opinion Box. And only half managed to block the chip after it was lost — a fundamental action so that criminals do not have access to cell phone owners' data.

If previously the value of the device was the biggest attraction for cell phone thieves, today the scenario is different: access to applications that operate bank accounts and investments, as well as those that allow you to make online purchases, has become much more valuable.

Therefore, it is important to protect the device from unauthorized access and allow it to be controlled remotely in the event of theft or theft to erase data. When the thief takes the unlocked device, he has unrestricted access to applications and SMS messages, therefore he can bypass the two-factor authentication required in some operations, since the messages will be sent to the cell phone in his possession.

In this case, what you can do is access the website of your email account where the cell phone is registered to delete the device's data, in addition to asking the operator to block the chip and alerting the banks about what happened. Preventively, bank passwords should not be written down on notepads, to prevent them from being used by criminals.

In other cases, the device is taken when it is not in use, but can be accessed by criminals if it has shortcuts to allow quick access without unlocking, an option that must be disabled — check out how to do this in the table below. The thief can also take the chip and use it in another device, hence the importance of protecting the chip as well.

The good news is that you can protect your cell phone and tablet from criminals with a few simple steps. See below the recommendations of the iFood corporate security team to prevent your device from being accessed, even if it is locked, in the event of robbery or theft.

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