Happy Customer Day!

To celebrate this March 15th, check out this video made with customers from the iFood Ambassador Community

On March 15th we celebrate the Customer Day. And the iFood Customer Experience team is here to express your most deep gratitude to you, our client, who makes our purpose of feeding the future of the world more possible every day.

On this special date, we want to celebrate trust, loyalty and experiences shared with iFood. Since our inception, our goal has always been more than just delivery: We seek to provide unique experiences that bring people, cultures and flavors together.

Thanks to you, We manage to transform each order into an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Brazilian foods, with a taste of practicality.

To celebrate this special date, we brought a video made with images of our customers from the iFood Ambassador Community, narrated by Andreia, who is a very beloved ambassador. Andreia loves ordering iFood as a family, especially pizza for her, her husband and their two boys.

Andreia's narration expresses that today with iFood you order food to have quality time and create good memories with the people you care about.

We just want to say: thanks

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your daily life, for trusting our work and for inspiring us to be better every day.

Happy Customer Day!

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