Step by step: how to use the iFood coupon

Find out the rules for taking advantage of discounts on in-app purchases

In the iFood app, customers can receive discounts on purchases using coupons. These coupons are sent randomly, and you can find out when they arrive activating notifications In your cellphone.

You can apply the coupon by following a few steps. First, it needs to be valid, so the tip is to keep an eye on the usage rules (such as that you can use several coupons a day, but only one per purchase). 

Then, in the bag, when checking your order, below you will find the “coupon” option. To use it, click the “Add” button and choose the coupon for the purchase. 

  • In your order bag, find the “Coupon” option below.
  • Click on the “Add” button 
  • Choose a coupon that can be used when purchasing

Can I use all the coupons that appear?

No. On the coupons page, you will see several coupons available, but not all of them can be applied due to the usage rules (find out what they are in the “See Rules” button on each coupon).

Therefore, if you are unable to apply your coupon, check these rules: this may be happening because it is not valid for that purchase.

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