Ordered food and had a setback? Find out how to resolve

Step by step shows how you can request help, simply and quickly, to resolve any problems with your delivery

Few things are more frustrating than placing an order and running into a problem.

At the delivery, it may happen that the meal does not arrive, the dish arrives wrong or even the deliveryman not be located (or even not the same one that appears in the photo in the iFood app). But who has never had a problem with delivery? So this could happen…

However, when this occurs on iFood, it is possible to resolve it without leaving the app. Simply locate the order and describe the problem and the customer service team will resolve it. A customer satisfaction It's something very important to us.

iFood Delivery: how does it work?  

For partner restaurants or consumers, iFood delivery is extremely simple and practical to place an order. 

Check it step by step:

  1. Access iFood via the app or website and choose the establishment to place your order;
  2. The restaurant accepts the order and starts preparing it; 
  3. Meanwhile, the delivery man goes to the establishment to collect;
  4. The delivery partner picks up the order and takes it to the customer.

Delayed iFood order: what to do?

Having a high volume of orders is a great sign for any establishment. However, often when receiving very high demand, some orders may be delayed. 

Therefore, for partner restaurants, the ideal is to always be in contact with the customer and inform them about the status of the order. Furthermore, iFood provides the “negotiation in case of delay” functionality, which allows the person to be informed at any time about a possible delay in the order. 

If the consumer wants to cancel the order, there are also some options, such as refunding the amount paid, for example, without any loss and reducing the price.

How to cancel a late order on iFood?  

Check out how to cancel the order on iFood: 

  1. Open the iFood app and click on the “track my order” tab;
  2. Go to “order details”, where some information will appear;
  3. In the “reason for contact” tab, click cancel the order.
  4. iFood will direct you to the phone app, with the restaurant number pre-entered;

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