Find out which customer behaviors are not tolerated on iFood

Account may be suspended or canceled in case of offense or aggression towards delivery people, in accordance with the app's Terms of Use

Treating those who prepare and bring your food to your home well is more than just a demonstration of kindness. For iFood, this is an essential principle so that everyone — customers, restaurants and delivery people — can have a good experience with delivery and so that we can have a fairer society, which is why we have conduct at iFood, to show what we do not tolerate on our platform.

Therefore, the company does not tolerate offenses or aggression towards delivery men and women or towards restaurants and consumers. Customers who exhibit this type of attitude may be suspended or excluded from the platform.

In the application's Terms and Conditions of Use, iFood reinforces that it expects respectful communication from its customers with delivery drivers, establishments and the company. And remember that it does not tolerate any manifestation of prejudice, harassment, bullying and incitement to violence.

Therefore, in accordance with the conduct on iFood, if a customer demonstrates attitudes involving homophobia, racism, religious or political intolerance, machismo, ableism —or any action that diminishes or offends someone— will be punished with the suspension or cancellation of the account on the platform.

These rules are in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the iFood Platform for Users, which you can access as follows:

  • Open the iFood app
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, access “Profile”
  • Scroll to “Help” and select that option
  • In “Categories”, click on “Policies and Terms” and then on “Terms of Use”.
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