Delivery drivers tell how income from delivery changes their lives

In the first video of the Much More Than a Request campaign, partners talk about the importance of earnings to make their dreams come true

Adriano bought a new motorcycle. Jennifer managed to rent a house with her husband and stopped living with her mother-in-law. David invests in his DJ career. And Agnaldo is paying for college. These are some of the real stories that iFood delivery men and women tell in the first video of Much More Than a Request campaign, which you can watch on iFood channel on YouTube and on its digital platforms.

In this opening video, professionals talk about how the earnings they make from iFood deliveries have changed their lives. “My income is good, I can live with it. And I'm looking for improvements. I got my little bike now. Before I had a little old motorbike, falling apart. The desire was to have a new motorcycle”, says Adriano.

For Jennifer, making deliveries was the way to finally rent a house with her husband. “I was once an iFood delivery person. At the time I was unemployed, so I made my living there [from deliveries]. Working as a delivery girl, we managed to rent a place and move out of my mother-in-law's house. I consider this an achievement, you know?”, she recalls in the video.

In David's plans, delivery is the channel for a new profession. “Bro, all the money I take, I invest in my DJ career, okay? My focus is DJing, but I have to lay several foundations to 'get there'.”

There are people who work double shifts to earn extra money. Agnaldo works in the HR area at a company and also with delivery — and he thinks it's worth it. “The supplement that comes from iFood is to pay for college. I'm finishing it in December, after that it's always good to have some extra income, right? There will be a little money left over to invest in other things”, he says.

Bruno compared his earnings and decided to stick with deliveries. “I work early in the morning at the bakery to see if my income increases, but I realized that the effect has been the opposite, it makes it decrease. So, I’m going to give up and just stick to iFood.”

Increased earnings on iFood

Earnings from deliveries impact the lives of not only these, but also the 200,000 delivery men and women who are active on the iFood platform. To value this work, the company made three earnings adjustments in one year. 

In the last of them, in April 2022, the value of the minimum route — the smallest amount received for a delivery — increased by 13% and went from R$ 5.31 to R$ 6, while the minimum value paid per kilometer traveled increased by 50% and went to R$ 1.50.

As a result, professionals active on the iFood platform who work 140 hours a month started to receive, for each hour worked on the delivery route, an amount up to four times higher than the hourly minimum wage in force in Brazil.

Savings to save more income

Furthermore, on the platform Delivery of Advantages, delivery men and women have access to discounts that can reach more than 50% on services such as insurance and maintenance for motorcycles, education, health and well-being and on the purchase of products such as cell phones, household appliances, electronics and clothing in partner stores of the iFood.

iFood also sells electric motorcycle at a discount for delivery men and women active on the platform, reducing its price to R$ 9,999.90. In operation, the vehicle is also more economical than a traditional motorcycle: maintenance and fuel costs for the electric model are reduced by 70%. The most expensive subscription plan to change batteries costs R$ 319 — a considerably lower expense in relation to fuel.

Already the iFood Pedal It brings savings to those just starting out: instead of investing in buying a bike, anyone who wants to work with delivery on iFood can pay a weekly plan of R$ 9.90 to use the bikes and the program's support points. Compared to other bike rental services, the advantage is the length of stay with the mode and the price: the delivery person can spend more time driving the vehicle – which can be a conventional or electric bike – and still pay less. 

“We know there is still a lot to be done. iFood agrees with the delivery drivers that our partnership can be even better”, comments Fabricio Bloisi, president of iFood. “We are more than an app and we know the responsibility and commitment we have with all these people. That's why iFood wants to be the best possible partner, offering fair earnings and good conditions for delivery drivers to carry out their activity.”

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