How your donation made a difference at the end of 2023

More than R$ 1 million were donated through the app, an amount converted into actions in education, health and the fight against hunger in the last quarter

In 2023, the donations made by iFood customers through the app reached R$ 4.9 million. In the last quarter of the year alone, more than R$ 1 million were donated to 16 organizations working to generate positive socio-environmental impact in the country, according to the Transparency Report released by iFood. 

In the last quarter, donation campaigns focused on education, fighting hunger and supporting minority groups. The campaign Christmas Without Hunger (with the Citizenship Action), for example, delivered 29 thousand basic food baskets in December that benefited 115 thousand people with the R$ 358 thousand collected.

In 2023, Coca-Cola accepted iFood's invitation and joined the Christmas Without Hunger campaign. The company made an institutional donation of R$ 2.5 million to Citizenship Action to expand the reach of its actions in the last month of the year. 

“For another year, iFood was a huge partner of Citizenship Action in its effort to combat hunger and poverty in the country. This historic partnership has helped us strengthen the fight for a more fair and well-fed country.”

Amigos do Bem, which works to combat hunger in the Northeast hinterland, received R$ 149 thousand, which paid for 1,372 basic food baskets and impacted 7,000 people in situations of extreme poverty.

“With the iFood partnership and the donations of hundreds of Brazilians, we were able to bring food to those living in extreme poverty in the northeastern hinterland, the most needy region in the country. We are very grateful for the generosity of each friend who helps us bring hope and a different future to thousands of families.”

Main donation numbers in the app

R$ 4.9 million
were donated by customers through the app in 2023 —R$ 1 million in the 4th quarter
R$ 358 thousand
donations turned into 4,623 meals offered by Citizenship Action in the 4th quarter
R$ 308 thousand
were donated at the Telethon, the equivalent of 2,400 AACD services
R$ 149 thousand
destined for Amigos do Bem turned into 1,372 basic food baskets in the northeastern hinterland
R$ 115 thousand
Donations were passed on to Marathon Tech, which impacted 187 thousand young people in 2023
29 thousand
Basic food baskets were delivered by Citizenship Action in December with the amounts raised
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How can you make a donation through the iFood app

1 – Click "Profile" in the bottom right corner of the screen

2 – Scroll to the option “Donations”

3 – Choose one cause or institution

4 – Click on the button “I want to donate”

5 – Choose a value and click on the button “Send Donation”. Ready! Your support is guaranteed!

You can also donate when completing an order, selecting an amount that will be transferred in full to the NGO highlighted at the time.

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