iFood offers special programming course for delivery people

Potência Tech has its first class made up exclusively of delivery men and women, with online courses at a time that allows you to combine work and study

Since September, 80 delivery men and women who work on the iFood app, from all regions of Brazil, have won a scholarship to study development backend on a special course, completely planned for them, in the Tech Power —platform that brings together free courses, offers of scholarships and support for entering the job market.

For the first time, Potência Tech offers a 100% programming course dedicated to these professionals, created to meet the needs of delivery men and women, with a structure to encourage participation and engagement. 

One example: the timetable for online classes, which are broadcast in real time, was planned to coincide with times when deliveries are slow so that delivery men and women can combine studies and work. The strategy worked: in the first month of the course, the average attendance of students in classes was 96%.

Over the course of 30 weeks, students will participate in 550 hours of live classes, taught by Cubos Academy, iFood's partner in education. The course is expected to be completed in May 2023. 

After graduating, delivery men and women will be able to participate in the Potência Tech talent pool, a platform that connects technology professionals, from underrepresented groups in society, with companies that have vacancies in the area. “iFood’s commitment to education includes training and also employing”, explains Roberta Piozzi, Tech Education coordinator at iFood.

The initiative, explains Roberta, is part of the iFood's public commitment to train and employ, by 2025, 25 thousand people in technology, coming from underrepresented groups in this sector and low income. “iFood doesn’t just want to be the gateway for delivery people, but also a path to other opportunities.” On the market, a similar course currently costs, on average, R$ 20 thousand. 

Technology education impacting lives

Bruno Pilla is one of the delivery men participating in this Potência Tech class. He started with boot camp Java Beginners and already see the impact of learning from the Java backend to achieve your goals. “I really like the team, the content and the methodology. Without a doubt, it is a game changer”, says Bruno.

For Maurício Alves, an iFood delivery man since 2019, the scholarship for the backend arrived at the right time. “I was looking for a course to take. The opportunity to study for free in a course that generally has a high price helped me a lot in my quest to specialize.”

A specialization in the area of programming can offer good opportunities in the job market. “Technology training is one of the most democratic we have today: salaries are high and there is a great demand for these professionals in the market”, explains Roberta.

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