Most read in education, environment and inclusion

Find out what readers' favorite news were about iFood's EMI area in 2022

O iFood News In 2022, it brought a lot of news about iFood's actions in the social and environmental area, especially in the areas of education, environment It is inclusion.

So, in the balance of the year, it's time to find out which were the most read articles on the portal since January on these topics — check them out below!

Top 3 in Education

In 2021, iFood made three public commitments in education to encourage basic training, train and employ people from underrepresented low-income groups in the technology area and train Brazilians for the work of the future and entrepreneurship.

Many of the company's fronts in this regard are focused on delivery men. This orientation is highlighted in the ranking of the most read education articles in the iFood News in 2022. 

1 – Discover all the education initiatives for iFood delivery people

This article summarizes, in a single text, all of iFood's educational programs that are aimed at training delivery drivers, such as Tech Power and the My High School Diploma.

2 – Education on iFood: delivery woman returns to school after 38 years

The story of delivery girl Elaine Zulato, who returned to her studies at the age of 55 with My High School Diploma, was so successful that she even entered the ranking of ten most read news across the entire portal in 2022.

3 – Effects of the pandemic still affect education and school dropout

Report deals with research commissioned by Unicef that shows the long-term impact of the pandemic on education in Brazil.

Top 3 in Environment

One of iFood's goals in the environmental area is, by 2025, to make at least 50% for deliveries using non-polluting modes. In 2022, this topic left many people curious, leading clean vehicles to occupy two positions among the most read in sustainability.

1 – iFood launches e-book on the use of sustainable vehicles in delivery

iFood launched an e-book in 2022 for entrepreneurs, companies and partners interested in innovation and sustainability. And this was the most read news of the year in the environment category.

2 – Sustainable development: what it is, its examples and its pillars

Want to know what this term means? This very didactic text, with many practical examples, shows the pillars of sustainable development, which demands individual and collective efforts.

3 – The iFood electric motorcycle in detail: exclusive, less polluting and more affordable

The launch of the electric motorcycle was not only one of iFood's biggest moments in 2022, but also one of the ones that most interested readers. Do you already know the details of this project? If not, click here to stay informed!

Top 3 in Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion is a key theme at iFood — and has also aroused the interest of those who follow our portal. Below, find out which were the most read articles on this subject.

1 – iFood offers new insurance focused on women and the family

In 2022, iFood's insurance coverage was expanded to bring more security to delivery women and professionals' families. This news explains what the new coverages are.

2 – What do all the letters in the acronym LGBTQIAP+ mean?

Do you know the answer to this question? If you don't already know, we explain it in one of the most accessed articles of the year.

3 – FIPE: iFood partners generate more jobs, with better salaries

The article talks about how the presence of iFood positively impacted the job market, based on data collected by a Fipe survey.

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