Market purchase: the 10 most ordered on iFood in 2022

Discover which were the favorite products on the market and in convenience stores during the year

In the first half of 2022, the list of the most requested items on the market through the iFood app they were milk, banana, oil, instant noodles and lemon. But, in the final stretch, it seems that football has changed the order of preferences a little.

Beer was the product that Brazilian men and women more asked in the market for iFood. And milk ended up taking second place.

Milk, in fact, goes well not only with breakfast, but in recipes such as puddings and cakes. And it can even be blended to make vitamins. How about a banana one? And then we come to third place on the list of most market orders of the year: bananas.

To the fruits, by the way, they have everything in this ranking. The lemon came in sixth, and the orange, in seventh place. If we combine it with sugar, ranked eighth, we can now think about making a caipirinha or a drink with these citrus fruits.

Food and drinks dominate the top 9 positions among the most ordered on the market. Only in tenth does an item appear that belongs to another department: cleaning. This is the detergent.

The most requested in convenience

When we analyze the ranking of the 10 most requested in 2022 in convenience, in first place comes a wild card that is present at snacks, at parties, at barbecues, at breakfast... We talk about bread.

Secondly, a mouth-watering delicacy appears: coxinha. And beer couldn't be missing from this list either — in this case in third place.

Next come soda, charcoal (look at the barbecue there), chocolate milk, candy and candies.

In ninth place of convenience, a very seasonal item: the world football tournament trading cards.

Closing the list, a product that can also be seen as a good omen for 2023: energy drinks. That's because it's always good to renew your energy to start the new year with a bang. And hungry for more orders.

The most ordered drinks

Beer also dominates the ranking of the most ordered drinks, with soft drinks appearing in second place.

In the important aspect of hydration, water appears third on the list. Next comes the energy drink, in fourth position.

In the net balance of the year, highlight also goes to a first-class duo in the entertainment of a good happy hour. Gin, in fifth place, and tonic, in sixth, also did well among the most requested in 2022.

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