Check out the lineup of the most ordered on iFood on game day

There's no shortage of snacks and soft drinks when an important decision in football takes place

This Thursday (24/11), Brazil finally takes the field in the World Cup in search of the long-awaited six. At this time, hunger and thirst are not just for victory. The tradition of following a football match of this importance goes, of course, through the food and drinks that help to make the crowd party

Who will be the order champions on iFood during Brazil's World Cup games? We still don't know the answer, but, to warm up, we have an analysis of what Brazilians most asked for before important games, such as the finals of the Copa do Brasil and the Taça Libertadores da América 2022.

Before these electrifying games, no chamomile tea to calm your nerves. What people order most on iFood in the three hours before the match are snacks and snacks, closely followed by beers and soft drinks.

Sweet cookies and chocolates also complement the menu in this context of anticipation for the start of the match, as well as juices. The passion fruit one, in fact, is a suggestion to calm the nerves of the most anxious fans.

The tactic changes a little when the referee whistles the start of the match. Snacks and snacks continue to lead, but orders for yogurts and dairy drinks are also beginning to arrive. Chocolates, in turn, lose space among the most ordered foods.

The post-game menu

In football, it is inevitable that there will be winners and losers. Even when the match ends in a draw, there will always be a side that will feel a taste of victory, as in the case of a theoretically weaker team that can face a favorite on equal terms.

Speaking of flavors at the end of the match, the important thing is not to lose your appetite. When it comes to celebrating or comforting yourself, the most popular items for ordering after matches are beers, soft drinks and sweet biscuits.

Want to know more about what fans ask for most before, during and after games? We reveal it below.

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