Delivery, prize pool, big screen with the crowd? How Brazilians enjoy the World Cup

In 2022, iFood will be alongside the fans with delivery, special events and even in Casimiro's reacts

How will you follow the tournament games? More than half of Brazilian men and women have already warned that food is part of the crowd. To watch the matches, 54% said they will buy food, 33% plan to cook something different and 30% will order delivery, points out the research “The Potential of the 2022 World Cup”, carried out by Grupo Globo and PiniOn in July 2022.

Brazil, in fact, has all the ball in the delivery. Almost a third (32%) of people usually order food once a week — and the one that brings the most new consumers to this modality is pizza, reveals a Kantar global research.

On iFood, the selection that is usually chosen before the final games of important competitions (such as the Copa do Brasil and the Taça Libertadores) is: snacks, snacks, beer, soft drinks and sweet biscuits, with chocolates and juices on reserve. These are the order champions before the ball rolls.

As it heats up for the tournament, a lot of people too asked for stickers on iFood Express to complete the sticker album. In the first half of 2022, the stickers ranked sixth among the most ordered in this express delivery.

Where will the fans go to watch the World Cup?

The survey carried out by Globo shows that Brazilian fans for the tournament are also super homely: 78% of people said they will watch the games at home with more people and 27% will go to friends or relatives' houses.

But, if you are one of those people who love to celebrate with the crowd, write down the address of the party. In 2022, iFood will sponsor two special events to bring together fans: the iFood Arena Brasileira, in São Paulo (SP), and Village Betano, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

In addition to broadcasting Brazil's games on big screens, the spaces will have attractions such as shows by artists —such as Anitta, Ludmilla, Jorge Benjor, Alceu Valença, Alok and Luisa Sonza—. ferris wheel and food court.

Eye on the bid!

As usual, Brazilian fans intend to watch the games on television. But Globo's research points to a change in habit. Or rather, two. 

One is that more than half of people will watch games on two screens: 53% use the internet to find out more about games — in 2018, there were 26%. The other is that 57% said they will watch the games on the internet, so streaming or on social media.

Anyone online will be able to enjoy something new: the Caze Cup, supported by iFood, which in 2022 is the official sponsor of the games on social media. The company is sponsoring the streamer Casimir, that will make you famous reactions of the plays in Brazil's matches. 

During the tournament, Casimiro will do lives and also narrate 22 matches — and it will be the first streamer broadcasting World Cup matches live and free of charge, in partnership with LiveMode, which purchased broadcasting rights from FIFA. And you can watch it all live on YouTube, on Caze TV channel, or in Twitch.


iFood Brazilian Arena

When: from 11/24 to 12/18, on the days of Brazil's games in the tournament

Where: external area of the Ibirapuera Park Auditorium; av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, 0, Ibirapuera Park, gate 3, São Paulo, SP

Tickets:  for sale at Ingresse

Village Betano

When: from 11/18 to 12/18 (from Thursday to Sunday and on Brazilian team game days)

Where: Brazilian Jockey Club; Santos Dumont square, 31, Gávea, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Tickets: for sale at Ingresse.

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