Pizza Day: which are your favorites on iFood?

The classics are the most popular on the app, which also has some very different ones — have you tried grape surprise pizza?

Today is not Friday, but it is the day of Pizza —or rather, Pizza Day. After all, July 10th is the date chosen to celebrate, in Brazil, one of the most beloved Italian recipes in the world.

This story began in 1985, after a contest promoted by the São Paulo State Department of Tourism to choose the 10 best recipes in São Paulo. São Paulo, in fact, is the champion of pizza orders on iFood: in 2022 alone, there were 30 million orders.

Last year, 143 million pizzas were sold on iFood. In addition to the usual favorites, such as margherita and Portuguese, the pizzerias that are on the app offer very different options.

Different pizza is also available on iFood

For those who are tired of the usual mozzarella, the pizzerias on the iFood app offer some, let's say, quite original combinations. On the savory menu, for example, there are:

  • Filet stroganoff pizza;
  • Shrimp pizza with picanha;
  • Sun-dried meat pizza;
  • Carpaccio pizza;
  • Fillet pizza with straw potatoes;
  • Salmon pizza with cream cheese (and you can choose with or without rice).

On the sweets side, there are:

  • Brownie pizza with powdered milk topping and hazelnut cream
  • Peach pizza
  • banoffee pizza
  • Surprise grape pizza (that powdered milk sweet with a grape in the middle)
  • Red fruit cheesecake pizza

And each state has its own very particular preferences. In São Paulo, for example, there is bauru pizza (with ham, mozzarella, tomato and oregano in the filling) and bacon. In Bahia, Bahia is a hit on iFood with its mixture of ground Calabrian sausage, mozzarella and egg, all seasoned with good pepper.

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