Urban mobility and delivery: an overview of couriers and drivers with apps

With unprecedented data from 99, iFood, Uber and Zé Delivery, research shows who delivery drivers and drivers in Brazil are and how much they earn

The Brazilian Association of Mobility and Technology (Amobitec) and the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (Cebrap) present the unprecedented research Urban mobility and delivery logistics: An overview of the work of couriers and drivers with applications. The research aims to qualify public discussion, filling gaps in previous research. This is the first study in Brazil that brings together administrative data from the largest companies in the mobility segment associated with Amobitec.

The study analyzed ride and delivery data provided by iFood, 99, Uber and Zé Delivery, all companies associated with Amobitec. Additionally, 3,025 delivery people and drivers were interviewed for the survey. Researchers had access to companies' administrative records on workers' earnings and the number of hours spent traveling or delivering in Brazil.

Check out each of the study’s macro themes below, including delivery drivers:

Directors and sponsors

Amobitec (sponsor)
The Brazilian Mobility and Technology Association (Amobitec) brings together leading companies in the development and use of innovative technological solutions for urban mobility, operating in individual transport and delivery services, and also in road passenger transport, through bus travel intermediation platforms.

Cebrap (director)
Institute of scientific and applied research, founded in 1969 by a multidisciplinary group of professors removed from the university by the military dictatorship. It carries in its contemporary practices the essence of the impulses of its creation: it is a space for the production of critical and independent knowledge.
Today Cebrap is a globalized research center, with around 40 permanent researchers and 80 associates. It is among the main think tanks in public policy, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania.



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