How much does the iFood electric motorcycle run? Check this and other data here

We've gathered all the main information for you to get to know EVS Work, developed for iFood delivery men and women

There's a number on electric motorcycles that everyone knows: zero. This is the amount of air and noise pollution produced by this sustainable vehicle: zero carbon dioxide, zero noise.

But do you know how many kilometers the sustainable vehicle launched by iFood runs before the battery runs out? Or how many tons of carbon dioxide will it be able to stop emitting into the atmosphere in a year when 10 thousand delivery men and women will drive it around? 

O iFood News account: check out a summary of EVS Work data below. Additionally, check out other data on the electric motorcycle created in partnership with Voltz for iFood delivery men and women.

Benefits of iFood's new sustainable vehicle

There are two major benefits from iFood's new sustainable vehicle: the platform's delivery partners and the environment.

The motorcycle considerably reduces fuel costs by up to 60%, in addition to maintenance costs being lower than conventional vehicles.

Furthermore, from an environmental point of view, the non-polluting mode will avoid the release of more than 30 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

Finally, together with the iFood Pedal, iFood's objective is to make 50% of deliveries
be carried out by vehicles that do not use fossil fuels, by 2025.

How does the electric motorcycle work?

Instead of a tank, the iFood electric motorcycle operates with two batteries that supply the vehicle's engine.

These batteries work through an exchange system that can be made at Ipiranga stations, in São Paulo. Thus, there will be 100 exchange stations spread across more than 10 neighborhoods in the city. 

To carry out battery replacements, there are two plans available ranging from R$129 to R$319 per month, varying according to the mileage driven by the couriers. 

Each battery can run between 100 km and 180 km, reaching speeds of 85 km/h.

Sources: iFood and Voltz

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