Regulatory issues from the debate in California

Analysis of Proposition 22 (P22) and exploration of the debate on the characterization of the legal link between app drivers and delivery people and platforms such as Uber and Lyft

This thematic briefing analyzes the “App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative”, known as Proposition 22 (or, here in this text, P22), and explores the debate in California about the characterization of the legal link between drivers and app delivery drivers and platforms such as Uber and Lyft.

P22 marks the controversy over definitions and types of employment relationships on digital platforms, labor legislation and new work modalities, such as the independent contracting regime.

In this document, we are interested in exploring the specificities of this debate and how regulatory agendas and discussions relate to Brazil, continuing the research proposal Future of Work and Gig Economy: regulatory issues on technology and social protection to dialogue with the contexts and existing discussions in other countries that can contribute to the Brazilian debate.

To this end, the text of Proposition 22, news, government reports and academic publications that deal with the topic were analyzed.

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Thematic briefing

FGV Direito SP



Overall coordination
Alexandre Pacheco da Silva
Marina Feferbaum

Research leader
Ana Paula Camelo

Research Co-Leader
Guilherme Forma Klafke

Ana Carolina R. Dias Silveira
Arthur Cassemiro Bishop
Bruno Ett Bicego
Gabriela Marcassa Thomaz de Aquino
Olivia Q. Figueiredo Pasqualeto

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