iFood Retrospective: the 10 most ordered foods in 2022

Discover which foods and categories were the delivery champions across Brazil

Meal or sandwich? The iFood retrospective of what Brazilians order most on iFood in 2022 has just come out of the oven. This year, the champion was, as in 2021, the delivery favorite: the hamburger.

During the year, iFood delivered 115.3 million hamburgers in the country — or 236 units per minute. This represents a share of 13% of everything ordered on the app in 2022.

In second place were soft drinks: there were 67.4 million orders, that is, 8% of the general annual volume. He has been the preferred side dish for those ordering a sandwich or pizza.

iFood's top ten menu also has something for other tastes. After the burger, the sandwich wrap and the dish with meat, for example, also surpassed the 50 million order mark. And the dish with chicken or other poultry It was successful, reaching 45.7 million sales. 

At the run from day to day, Brazilians also asked for a lot of lunch boxes. With 39.7 million deliveries, this meal was ahead of other foods that stand out in national preference, such as pizza and pasta.

To sweeten it, the açaí and the desserts also appear in the top 10.

Snacks surpass Brazilian food in the iFood retrospective

In the analysis of preferred food categories, snacks dominated in the iFood in 2022, representing about one in three orders (or 36%).

Next comes Brazilian food, with 17% preferred. And followed closely by another sweetheart: the pizza (14%). 

To complete the ranking, there is also the Japanese food (7%), açaí (6%), sweets and cakes (5%) and lunchbox (5%).

Do you want to know more about the iFood delivery champions in 2022? Check out this retrospective in the table below!

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