Sushi, pudding and açaí: iFood's different Easter eggs

Sweet or savory, there is something for all tastes for those who want to go (well) beyond chocolate

Creativity in the flavors of Easter eggs is full. In addition to the traditional milk, dark and white chocolate, this year new innovations emerged that go far beyond cocoa derivatives.

And from the sphere of sweets itself. A brief search on the iFood app shows that it has eggs açaí, pudding, coxinha and… Sushi

Would you order any of these “different” eggs? Or give one of them as a gift Easter?

Fertility celebration

If the answer is yes, know that, in fact, the association of the egg with Easter long predates the use of chocolate as an ingredient to make it. Therefore, exercising inventiveness when thinking about fillings It is not violating tradition.

On the contrary. After all, the Easter egg, in essence, is a celebration of life and a symbol of fertility. So, nothing like a fertile imagination when choosing fillings.

The habit of associating eggs with Easter dates back to Antiquity. Persians, Egyptians, Ukrainians and Germans used to decorate eggs and give them as gifts in worship of gods or at the end of winter.

This association with the rebirth of life remained in Christian Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Chocolate Easter eggs only appeared in the 18th century, through the French.

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