iFood arrives in Cidade Alta, from the game GTA

The #iFoodNoGame experience is already in Cidade Alta. Now, in GTA, it is possible to play as a foodtech delivery partner.

iFood became the first delivery app to literally enter the world of games. Foodtech built a metaverse – when the real world is simulated in the digital world – that allows players to live the experience of being a delivery partner on the platform in Cidade Alta – the main GTA V server in Latin America. Each delivery is a mission, which yields money – virtual, to be used within the game –, reputation and even discount coupons.

Just like in real life, the player can choose whether they prefer to use an electric eBike, motorbike or car and where to pick up orders for delivery – from Avalanches delivery, a famous virtual restaurant, or from Altamart, the newest market for purchasing various items from city.

A phenomenon among streamers, Cidade Alta is a server that uses GTA V to create a fictional city, where the gamer creates and lives the character they want. The difference is in the dynamics: everything is created by the community and occurs as in real life, with the player having to deal with issues of work, family and relationships.

“We believe that the metaverse is the biggest trend in entertainment and iFood – an iconic brand, loved by gamers and which has innovation in its DNA – used these elements to reframe its presence as a brand in the game. We are the first delivery app that placed an ecosystem in the virtual world that is the same as what happens in real life”, says Pedro Tozzini, specialist in Branding Activation at iFood.

In this way, iFood – named as the favorite delivery app by more than 81% in the gaming community, according to the Game Brasil survey – innovates once again and opens up another opportunity to be close to the brand's lovers. “It is necessary to understand that this audience is very intelligent, looking for good entertainment, with people who want the best game, best narrative, best experience. There are franchises with 40 years of success on the market”, says Carlos Silva, digital solutions strategist and Head by GoGamers.

Chat with gamers

We interviewed some of the streamers who participated in the launch of iFood to find out what the #iFoodNoGame experience was like. Check out.

Joker (@loud_victor)

Streamer at Twitch Brazil.

Photo: Joker, @loud_victor

iFN: About #iFoodNoGame: how was the experience?

LC: The experience was incredible, as we were able to see something that is part of our daily lives happening within the game. For example, when I'm live or playing, I order products through iFood, and the game gave me the chance to live this reality within it too. I believe this initiative at Cidade Alta is very important, especially so that people can see that a brand as big as iFood sees potential within games.

iFN: What is it like to be part of this Streamer universe?

LC: To be streamer is not difficult. If you do what you love, you go live and have fun with your audience in the chat. What's challenging is fitting in and staying in this environment, producing good content so that people continue to follow you. Today, there are more opportunities emerging in Brazil and around the world.

iFN: And what do you consider the gamer universe provides?

LC: What catches my attention the most about the gamer universe is how it can change people's lives — both those in the game and their families, giving them more opportunities. The game also gives people the opportunity to have fun, as if there were no problems in the world at that moment.

iFN: How do you see the Brazilian gaming scene?

LC: The national scenario exploded, and I would even venture to say that, during the pandemic, it grew even more, as people who stayed at home were able to learn much more about how everything works. Brazil has grown a lot, mainly because it has developed on platforms such as mobile, for example.

Furia Nayu (@enayuchan)

Streamer at Twitch Brazil.

Photo: Furia Nayu, @enayuchan

iFN: And what was your experience with iFood in Cidade Alta?

FN: I really liked the dynamics of iFood in Cidade Alta! Everything was very well produced, the clothes, the biker accessories, the jacket… I loved the experience! During the premiere, they showed us how it worked, how these people work and even the application.

iFN: How did you get started in the gaming world?

FN: I started playing PC games two years ago, when I started stream. I discovered GTA RP at the same time, through my friends. It was the best thing: at Christmas, I ate and ran to the PC to play with the crowd, as I began to understand the passion and creativity involved in this world.

iFN: What is your tip for those who want to start professionally as a streamer?

FN: You have to want and love it, even if you start from scratch. An important tip is to look for collabs with others streamers, whether they are famous or not, but in the niche that the person likes. Try to interact with these streamers, through social networks, is super cool too. That's what I did from the beginning and it opened a lot of doors for me.

iFN: As a woman, how do you see this female presence in the gaming scene?

FN: In the beginning, it was very difficult for women in games. Especially in GTA, men were more closed off and women couldn't take on more active characters – like police officers, for example. Nowadays, it has improved a lot; On the servers there is a more severe punishment for machismo and I see a more democratic scenario for us, including the presence of completely female groups in the game.

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