iFood launches donation campaign to train women in technology

Contributions through the app to WoMakersCode will be matched by iFood and will help the NGO provide scholarships for technology training.

iFood, as a Brazilian company, has the purpose of building a less unequal country — and decided to achieve this goal by embracing cause of education

Preparing more women to work in the technology field is part of this plan. After all, one of the education goals of the company is to train and employ 25 thousand low-income people and people underrepresented in technology (and women are part of this group).

And one of the actions that iFood is promoting to achieve this objective is the donation campaign for the NGO WoMakersCode

Until May 31st, iFood customers can contribute directly to this cause by donating in the app. The amounts donated will be doubled by iFood and passed on to the organization.

WoMakers Code works to train and employ women in technology, impacting more than 250 thousand women, of all ages and regions in Brazil, through tech education.

The NGO's partnership with iFood aims to obtain more scholarships in technology, including referral to job vacancies.

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How can I make a donation?

For donate via the iFood app for WoMakersCode, just follow these steps:

1 – Open the iFood app and click on “Profile” in the bottom right corner;

2 – Scroll to “Donations”;

3 – Click on “Donate to train women in technology” and then on “I want to donate”;

4 – Select the amount and payment method and make your donation!

iFood is already a regular partner of the NGO in actions to empower women in technology.

One of the joint initiatives is the allocation of scholarships for women by the program Tech Power, a platform created by iFood in 2021 to support the training of technology professionals, especially people from underrepresented groups in the area.

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