Revolutionize your startup with the power of Reverse Pitch!

Find out how this innovative technique can help your startup do business with large companies

Have you ever heard of Reverse Pitch? This innovative concept is changing the way startups connect and collaborate with companies. 

Unlike the traditional pitch, where startups present their ideas to companies, in Pitch Reverso companies show their challenges to startups. 

In this way, startups develop personalized solutions that directly meet the needs of companies. Therefore, Pitch Reverso is a unique opportunity for startups to better understand the sector's challenges and present innovative solutions. 

But where to test Reverse Pitch?

Like the idea? The good news is that your startup will have the chance to try Reverse Pitch first-hand at our open innovation event, the iFood Innovation Day, which will take place on September 12th at Cubo Itaú.

At iFood Innovation Day, you will have the opportunity to hear directly from companies about their challenges and needs. This will allow your startup to develop solutions that directly address these challenges, increasing your chances of success.

iFood Innovation Day is just one of the many initiatives that are part of our commitment to innovation. At iFood Labs, you can find a variety of resources and opportunities to help your startup grow and prosper.

Reverse Pitch is more than just a presentation technique. It's a revolutionary approach that can change the way your startup connects with companies and presents its solutions. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for iFood Innovation Day and experience the power of Reverse Pitch!

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