The customer experience from the iFood perspective

São Paulo, February 23, 2022

Based on its practices, the platform makes the concept of CX Maturity, presented by Zendesk in a study, tangible

Customer experience is a term that has been part of the reality of companies as a whole: this subject needs to be on the radar so that the organization can have a competitive advantage and, of course, win over the consumer. And what are the differences of a mature company in terms of Customer Experience (CX)?

In the CX Maturity report, developed by Zendesk in partnership with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), answers to this question emerge. Some factors stand out, such as care in dialogue with the customer, resolution in a first contact, integration of data and channels and investment in customer experience, which occurs regardless of the economic scenario or other external factors.

In practice, what CX Leaders deliver is a frictionless experience. It is even possible that this fluidity will reduce the need for care. An example of this is iFood, which faces the challenge of meeting an average of 60 million orders per month – which is only possible through a combination of factors such as innovation and technology. “Depending on service to deliver a solution is not sustainable, we need to look at the journey from end to end”, points out Thaís Suzuki, director of Customer Experience at iFood.

Capturing the customer experience

Therefore, the executive highlights that the customer's perception cannot be captured only at the time of service. “The customer should not need to tell us about the experience, as we are a technology company that has access to information from the beginning,” he explains. To access customer perception, the company uses different metrics, including the Net Promoter Score (NPS), both at a transactional level – that is, for each customer order – and at a relational level – which is done periodically.

In other words, based on knowledge, monitoring and analysis of the stages of the customer journey, the platform eliminates possible friction, filtering what reaches the customer service. It is no coincidence that CX is one of the goals of the entire company board: concern for the customer experience needs to be shared across the entire company.

Learn more about iFood's CX strategy by watching this video link.

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