iFood is an official sponsor of BBB24

Company shows the public that it is also BBB: Brazilian, good and cheap

As a good Brazilian, iFood could not be left out of the BBB24. This is the fourth time that the company has participated in the program; The news is that in 2024 it will be an official sponsor for the first time. 

This means that iFood will be present not only in the daily life of the house but also at exams and other events. And he will take this opportunity to talk about his Brazilianness and the initiatives to democratize food on the app.

Therefore, this year's sponsorship plays with the program's acronym (BBB) and comes with the message that iFood is Brazilian, good and cheap — and is proud to have national DNA and to allow quality meals to reach people's tables. Brazilians with affordable prices, discounts and promotions.

In previous BBB sponsorships, iFood promoted specific food delivery actions. At BBB24, the official sponsorship of reality show comes with the right to create tastings, parties and other events (some of them promoted with partner restaurants).

But BBB24 is not the only major event supported by iFood. The company also participates in Brazilians' most beloved parties, games and awards, sponsoring street blocks, June parties, festivals and the Brazilian Music Award.

In 2023, the celebration of our culture began with special song by Carlinhos Brown for revelers and sponsorship of street blocks. During the June festivities, iFood promoted a duet between João Gomes and Luiz Gonzaga (with a little help from artificial intelligence, of course).

And there was more: besides sponsor the Brazilian Music Award for the first time, iFood also attended The Town festival.

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