iFood sponsors Sympla Carnival Map, with 4,000 attractions

App brings information from more than 1,500 events and more than 2,000 street blocks in five Brazilian cities

Carnival 2023 is gone! But where to start? What's the schedule? Thinking about making party-goers' choices easier, iFood sponsors the Sympla Carnival Map, which features the main attractions in Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Florianópolis.

The platform is available via Sympla app. In addition to having the main information from more than 4,000 events and street blocks, those who are going to enjoy Carnival in these cities will be able, through integration with other location apps, to trace and follow their route in real time, from the starting point to the location of the attraction you choose.

This includes more than 2,000 blocks and more than 1,500 events spread out, whose data can be accessed before, during and after Carnival.

Another highlight among the Map’s features is its use in offline mode. Revelers will be able to “favourite” information relating to a street block or event of their choice and access it without using mobile data.

“It is possible to organize all the places and activities that revelers want to do during this period without leaving anything behind, from warm-up to post-Carnival”, says Ana Gabriela Lopes, marketing director at iFood. “Brazilians are eager and euphoric to resume carnival traditions, just like us at iFood. As a foreigner, we only have the name.”

Bruna Milet, CMO at Sympla, highlights that the Carnival Map arrives at an “optimistic moment”, when everyone is “looking forward to a real Carnival”. With the platform, “it is possible to plan which party to go to, how to get to the location and identify what is closest, as it is integrated with the main map apps”, he highlights.

Brazilianness in the summer

The Sympla Carnival Map is part of the iFood initiatives linked to summer revelry. To begin with, the composer and multi-instrumentalist Carlinhos Brown performs the hit “Tá de Rango”, which he produced especially for iFood.

To reinforce the connection with its Brazilian roots, the company supports some of the main blocks of the street Carnival in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, between the 11th and 26th of February.

Among the blocks supported by the brand are iconic collectives and trios of great artists, such as Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta, Casa Comigo and Bloco da Pabllo, in São Paulo; Cordão da Bola Preta and Monobloco, in Rio de Janeiro; in addition to Bloco Coruja by Ivete Sangalo, Timbalada with Carlinhos Brown, Crocodilo, by Daniela Mercury and Cortejo Afro, in Salvador, among others, totaling 31 blocks in the three cities. The company also sponsors Camarote Expresso 2222, in Salvador.

Actions focusing on summer and Carnival carried out by iFood also include an exclusive version of the application, with a new look, allowing carnival immersion for those who order from home or in street blocks.

Throughout the month, there are also several promotions for customers of the delivery platform.

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