Feeding the future of the world, with Education

iFood's purpose is to feed the future of the world. And, for us, fueling this future goes far beyond delivering food. For those who want to go further, the food is Education.

iFood's purpose is to feed the future of the world. And, for us, fueling this future goes far beyond delivering food. For those who want to go further, the food is Education.

We see Education as one of the main levers that will make a difference in building the Brazil we want: a more prosperous country, with quality public education, with learning opportunities that prepare new talents for the future of work and that offers inclusive opportunities for insert everyone into a competitive global market, especially in the technology sector.

But why does iFood invest in education? The structural situation of Brazilian education is very serious. Brazil is among the 20 worst countries in the ranking of the main international education assessment, Pisa, with main emphasis on low performance in the areas of Science and Mathematics.

The pandemic and its worsening raised a red alert about the country's current educational system, with the infrastructure for remote study still a bottleneck for millions of people.

Furthermore, Brazil is one of the countries that produces the least professionals in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, areas essential for preparing talents, and this is already reflected in the technological blackout in the job market, where the hiring of professionals in the area of technology becomes an immense challenge for companies.

iFood understands that it is necessary for companies to contribute to the challenges presented in the country's Education, aiming to change this scenario. Therefore, it is committed to contributing to three main fronts until 2025:

  • Train and employ 25 thousand people from under-represented groups in technology, contributing to reducing the technological blackout in Brazil.
  • Empower through technology, preparing more than 5 million people in 5 years for the work of the future and entrepreneurship.
  • Encourage basic education, impacting 5 million people, developing and promoting STEM (Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology) in public education networks.

We are committed to combining technology, innovation and people to transform Education in Brazil. We will connect needs with solutions, train people from underrepresented groups in technology and connect them with market opportunities.

Within this front, we have more than 7 closed partners, offering training courses in different technology careers, such as Cubos Academy, Reprograma, Rocketseat, Kenzie, Let's Code, WoMakers Code and Resilia.

With Resilia, for example, we have already trained 29 people, 27 of which were employed after the course. Furthermore, iFood launched the Potência Tech platform in October, which offers free courses, scholarships, financial aid and job openings in technology.

1,600 technology training scholarships for people with underrepresented profiles
100 students graduated and 64 employed in the technology area to date.

Future of work

For the future of work, we want plans and dreams to take off and more opportunities to be created. From the financial education of a small restaurant owner to a career in technology for delivery drivers, we will use our entire ecosystem to transform realities.

For example, through training programs for the partner network, with specific tracks for delivery drivers, entrepreneurs and employees of partner and family establishments to contribute to learning new skills. In partnership with Niduu, iFood has its own quick learning course platform, iFood Decola, which has already reached more than 110 thousand partners.

iFood also has content in partnership with Escola Conquer, SEBRAE and SESI, focusing on restaurant owners and delivery drivers. In total, there are already more than 106 thousand people engaged in courses and 53 thousand certifications. In turn, to serve underrepresented groups, we have a partnership with the PROA institute, with more than 4 thousand students.

Public education

We believe that only quality education allows for more and better choices. Not surprisingly, one of our goals is to unite those who can teach and those who want to learn.

To encourage the public education network, iFood is investing in the expansion of Aprendizap, a free technological tool developed by the 1bi Foundation to mitigate inequalities in the provision of distance education.

Aprendizap already impacts more than 150 thousand students and teachers, with tracks for Elementary and Secondary Education, developed in partnership with Nova Escola and Fundação Lemann. There are almost 1,500 classes, which can be used free of charge by students from all over Brazil.

iFood is also investing in reference organizations in Education, such as Todos pela Educação and partnerships with SEDUC-SP (Secretariat of Education of the State of SP), which we are supporting in the revision of the High School curriculum through the Institute Gather, aiming to promote STEM.

And most importantly: we believe that transformation only happens with a great mobilization of society as a whole. Therefore, we invite you to also participate in this transformation through education! Let's go together?

Renata Citron – Head of Education and Tech
Luanna Luna – Social Impact Manager
and Danielle Guastalle – Performance Analyst

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