Behind the scenes of Bia's ad for iFood

Creators reveal how the campaign was created with the sister, which went viral and had 9.7 million views on social media

BBB24 is over, but it hasn't stopped being a topic in Brazil. One of the hot topics after the end of the program was the participation of former participant Beatriz in an iFood advertising campaign —official program sponsor.

Known for being talkative and for making spontaneous advertisements for the brand within the house, Bia surprised people in the first announcement she made after being eliminated on the program. In the campaign, for iFood, she remained quiet while enjoying a plate of pasta.

Everyone was waiting to see her say “It’s Brazil from Brazil” or “iFood from iFood”. But nothing.

This silence is part of the campaign strategy. In the final stretch of BBB24, the public began to ask the sister on social media to keep quiet. So iFood and DM9 delivered exactly that: an ad with Bia silent.

“This was our strategy to be the most remembered brand on the program. In the final stretch, we see the theme of 'Silent Bia' growing. That's where we saw the perfect opportunity to appear and become one of the big topics in the grand final”, says Gustavo Alves (Guzera), executive creative director at the DM9 agency.

Subsequently, the campaign was amplified with reactions from ex-BBB Fernanda Bande to the announcement made by her former confinement colleague, in collaboration with the @ifoodbrasil profile on Instagram and Twitter.

The ad debuted during halftime of the BBB 2024 final (April 16), with the headline “O Brasil do Brasil asked, iFood delivered”. And now the one who delivers is the iFood News, which reveals some behind-the-scenes data on the creation of the campaign, which also had the participation of ex-BBB Fernanda.

Five days

That's how long it took from the creation to the showing of the ads with ex-BBBs Bia and Fernanda. Recordings began two days after Bia was eliminated from the program, with help from the DM9 agency. “The idea needed to be simple and powerful to be executed on time”, comments Gustavo. 

9.7 million views

Bia's announcement took place on social media in less than 24 hours.

450 thousand

It was the total number of interactions with the content generated about Bia's ad and Fernanda's reaction, placing the action on Trend Topics Brasil. “Fernanda also had high engagement in our content, and the reaction with Loba eating Bia’s commercial was the icing on the cake to make the action even stronger on social media”, says Gustavo.

“The campaign was a true celebration of creativity and the ability to quickly connect with the public”, says Ana Gabriela Lopes, marketing director at iFood. 

“At iFood, we believe that innovation is not just limited to our technology, but also to the way we communicate and interact with consumers. Turning a viral BBB 24 moment into a successful campaign is a reflection of our agility and our commitment to always being one step ahead, capturing the essence of the moment and delivering not just meals, but memorable experiences”, adds the executive.

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