Big numbers: inside iFood's business

iFood is a reference in delivery in Latin America. But do you know how many orders the platform receives per month? Check out the main business numbers!
  • iFood is a Brazilian technology company that is a reference in online delivery in Latin America. Our business is to connect the world of food to millions of consumers, supporting the digitalization of society.
  • Our big dream is lead digitalization of the world of food and help our ecosystem — customers, establishments and delivery partners — benefit from the opportunities generated by the new economy.
  • iFood wants to deliver best experience possible for your ecosystem: consumers, delivery people and restaurants.

Fact Sheet

President: Fabrício Bloisi
Year founded: 2011
Headquarters: Osasco (SP)

More of 70 million orders a month
More of 330 thousand establishments partners in more than 1,700 cities
More of 200 thousand delivery people active on the platform monthly
More of 43 million consumers
More of 5 thousand employees


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