How the 1Bi Foundation uses technology to support basic education

Discover the NGO that emerged with the mission of creating inclusive opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations

In your purpose of feeding the future, iFood believes that it is possible to combine technology, innovation and people to transform education in Brazil. To follow this path, the company supports NGOs that carry out actions with a positive socio-environmental impact. 

One of them is the 1Bi Foundation, an organization that officially emerged in 2018. The mission of 1Bi Foundation is to reduce social inequalities in Brazil by using digital technology to create inclusive opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations.

“Companies operating in the technology sector must look beyond profit and include in their goals and objectives the creation of solutions that also help with social integration”, says Kelly Baptista, executive director of Fundação 1Bi.

To achieve this goal, the organization works on two fronts: using digital tools to improve learning and sharing its technology knowledge with more partners.

AprendiZAP: classes and exercises on WhatsApp

In the first line of action, the 1Bi Foundation developed a digital learning tool called AprendiZAP. This platform serves public school teachers and students and has already benefited more than 1 million people in Brazil.

Teachers have access to ready-made lessons and exercises and can share this content in the classroom. In addition, they have help with preparing lesson plans and assessments.

At the other end, students receive content via WhatsApp, selecting the year and subject of interest. AprendiZAP offers more than 2,000 classes and exercises aligned with the BNCC (National Common Curricular Base).

Sharing technology knowledge

The other axis of positive impact of the 1Bi Foundation is supporting NGOs, social businesses, collectives and Oscips (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) with knowledge in technology, communication and management.

In this area, the 1Bi Foundation has already directly served more than 150 selected NGOs. This support is provided through two programs.

One of them is the 1Bi Labs, an accelerator of social initiatives. Its objective is to promote management improvements and increase the positive social impact of organizations, businesses and projects that encourage educational and inclusive opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations or minority groups.

FoodLovers in action

Service to organizations can also take the form of consultancy. In this case, the program is Potencialize, where a team of iFood employees (FoodLovers) becomes responsible for helping institutions solve management problems.

The process includes the creation and implementation of a management plan, as well as training the people who will put the solutions created into practice.

In 2022, in order to boost its activities, the 1Bi Foundation entered into partnerships with other players in the education market and the third sector, such as Instituto Reúna and TODXS Brasil.

For 2023, the priorities will be to design new solutions for AprendiZAP and establish bridges with municipal education departments, in addition to updating programs aimed at NGOs.

In its actions, the 1Bi Foundation has already relied on the work of more than 500 volunteers among iFood employees – there were 131 in 2022 alone. The company also makes its structures and support available to the NGO back office.

How to make donations to the 1Bi Foundation on the iFood app

Anyone can collaborate with the 1Bi Foundation's mission through the iFood app itself — even when not placing an order. To donate through the iFood app, simply go to Profile, scroll down, click on “Donations” and choose the 1Bi Foundation.

All donations collected by iFood are passed on to NGOs partners within seven days, and the resources will be used in the projects reported on the organization's page, with subsequent accountability to the iFood Donations team.

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