How iFood brought Potência Tech to the general public

With rap, rhyme battles and many other communication strategies, the company attracted 30,000 people to its technology education platform

In October 2021, the Tech Power was launched as one of the pillars of iFood in the area of education: a technology training course platform with introductory and free courses, focused on underrepresented profiles in the technology area, such as women and black people — and which also offered training grants and content on employability (with tips and vacancies). 

But how could a technology company, focusing on delivery, promote scholarships and courses to an audience that goes beyond its customers? “The challenge was great, as it was the first time that iFood would position itself on the education pillar with an initiative aimed, in principle, at an unprecedented audience”, says Amanda Borsonello, senior communications coordinator at iFood. 

This would also be the first time that the company would carry out integrated communication in education, using all its own channels and those of Potência Tech's partner technology schools to go beyond its zone of influence and reach the entire society.

The first step was to understand the profile, language and communication of the program's target audience — mostly young people from low-income backgrounds and from underrepresented groups in the technology sector — to then spark their interest in taking a course in this area. And the strategy adopted was to talk about dreams, future and opportunities and, thus, generate connection.

To break the bubble and publicize Potência Tech to various audiences, iFood's ESG Communication team partnered with the company's other communication teams (Branding, PR and Internal Communication) and created a 360 disclosure plan, covering the launch and support of the platform. 

This plan included activations with influencers, online media, press publications, specific CRM for the project's audience, construction of the website/platform and engagement and communication for the company's internal audience.

Battle of rhymes

One of the highlighted initiatives was the partnership with rapper Rashid, which created a music especially for the project. Another was the battle of rhymes that took place on YouTube, in addition to social activation in conversations between the iFood profiles and the schools that are part of the project, which rhymed on the networks. “At the launch of internal communication, our CEO, Fabricio Bloisi, started a rhyming battle on Slack [the messaging application used by the company]”, recalls Amanda.

In addition, the company also announced the offer of scholarships for Potência Tech courses throughout its ecosystem: delivery drivers, outsourced customer service staff and restaurant partners. “There were more than 50 communications, including some of the main press vehicles, the iFood networks and email marketing for those already on the platform — and even Spotify”, lists Amanda.

All this publicity effort brought results: more than 30 thousand people accessed the Potência Tech platform, of which 28,678 were underrepresented in technology. “More than 12 thousand scholarships were offered and almost 900 people were employed”, says Amanda. 

A year later, in October 2022, this project was also recognized by the market by winning the Aberje Award, from the Brazilian Association of Business Communication, which chooses the best communication actions for companies. “We were able to generate connections with different audiences, for different objectives. Only then can we really achieve the impact goals we have”, she adds.

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