Goals until 2025: Inclusion

iFood Includes

  • 50% for women and 30% for black people in the lead.
  • 35% for women in senior leadership
  • 40% of black people on iFood in general
  • We created a donation platform within the app so that society can also contribute to socio-environmental challenges.

Diversity and Inclusion

As Diversity and Inclusion are part of our Culture, we are committed to the fact that it is essential to have greater plurality and collaboration in our teams, valuing the unique characteristics of each individual, in order to continue innovating and making incredible deliveries.

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Food safety

To fuel the future of the world, we need everyone's engagement. Through our donation platform, we create the opportunity for all our customers to practice, in a practical and safe way, the act of solidarity of donating to socio-environmental causes. Learn about the activities of iFood's partner NGOs and donate on a recurring basis through our app.

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