Donate Day: iFood encourages consumers to find “What’s your cause?”

On the 29th, the company will double the donations received in the app, directing this amount to the cause of education

iFood, a Brazilian technology company, will celebrate the  Donating Day, next Tuesday (29). This year, the company encourages consumers to find “What’s your cause”. To this end, it developed a quiz that helps people discover the cause they most identify with. Furthermore, as an incentive for the date, iFood will double the amount donated on the 29th by customers on the app, directing the amount raised to the main cause defended by the company: education as a source of food to change the future. 

Since the beginning of 2022, iFood has transferred more than R$ 6.7 million in donations to nine partner NGOs — Ação da Cidadania, CUFA, Gastromotiva, Gerando Falcões, Orgânico Solidário, SOS Mata Atlântica, AACD, UNESCO and Todos pela Educação. The amount adds to the R$ 15 million raised in 2020 through customer donations on the iFood app and in partnership with companies.

“Our commitment is to feed future generations with education, and incentive actions like these meet our objective of encouraging society's participation in this movement and contributing to transforming the future.”, says André Borges, head of sustainability at iFood.

In the application, in addition to having the option to donate fixed amounts at the end of the order or in the “Profile” section, in the “Donations” tab, the customer will also have the option to make their contribution by rounding up the payment for their order. The new functionality, already available for some versions of the application, is in partnership with Movimento Arredondar, a specialist in solutions to connect companies with donations and a reference in the microdonation model by rounding the purchase value. The incentive is a practical and safe way for people to make a donation, even if it is minimal, in their daily lives. 

With the new feature, at the end of orders that have a margin of R$ 0.50 to R$ 0.99 for the full amount, the consumer will receive an invitation to round up the total amount and donate the difference directly to one of the causes supported by company, linked to the combat to hunger and social issues. 

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