Donations through iFood generate +R$ 240 thousand for women in tech

Campaign was carried out to raise funds for the NGO WoMakersCode, which trains and employs women in the technology field

Being a Brazilian company, iFood adopted the cause of education to make Brazil a less unequal country. This purpose translates into initiatives such as donation campaign for the NGO WoMakersCode.

After all, this organization works to train and employ women in tech. And one of education goals of iFood is to train and employ 25 thousand low-income people and people underrepresented in technology (and women are part of this group).

Thus, for 17 days in May, the company's customers made donations via the app to the WoMakersCode. The donated amounts were doubled by iFood and passed on to the NGO.

In total, more than 120 thousand reais were raised by the platform, which, doubled by iFood, resulted in a total donation to WoMakersCode of more than 240 thousand reais.

Throughout the campaign, more than 26 thousand people made a total of more than 32 thousand donations through the iFood app.

The amount transferred to WoMakersCode in this action should include tech training for around 150 women. The organization works to train and employ more than 250,000 women of all ages and regions in Brazil.

iFood has already been a regular partner of the NGO in actions to empower women in technology.

One of the joint initiatives is the allocation of scholarships for women through the program Tech Power, a platform created by iFood in 2021 to support the training of technology professionals, especially people from underrepresented groups in the area.

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