Companies form the majority of technology professionals

Endeavor research shows how companies are investing in education and diversity in the area

Finding new talent in the technology area is one of the main challenges for the innovation ecosystem in Brazil. The lack of professionals to fill open positions is already a phenomenon known as “technological blackout”.

Because of this, the country may have, in 2025, a deficit of 797 thousand professionals in the area, according to the Brasscom's latest study (Association of Information and Communication Technology and Digital Technologies Companies) on the topic.

To solve this problem, companies invest in training. Today, they are responsible for 42% of the training initiatives for new professionals in the technology area in Brazil, according to the research “Possible futures: technology professionals in companies and organizations”, carried out by Endeavor with sponsorship from iFood.

Most of these courses (81%) are short or medium-term and free (77%). Other actions adopted are the offer of scholarships (19%) and mentoring (16%). Among them, the majority (60%) are carried out in partnerships — especially between edtechs and companies (22,73%).

“Considering the number of courses and other initiatives that already exist, there are ways for there to be even more cooperation between the private sector, third sector and public sector”, reports the study.

Investment in diversity

Another interesting fact from the research is that 38% of the initiatives aim to promote diversity in the technology sector. Among them, most recognize that it is important to also develop socio-emotional skills and offer this training.

According to Endeavor, there is still room for improvement. “The inclusion of minority groups in the technology sector is an opportunity that we have as a country, which is why we understand that this issue can be at the heart of initiatives through actions complementary to technical training”, points out the document.

The study also presents Potência Tech, from iFood, as a case for supporting the training of technology professionals with free courses and scholarships and supporting their career and entry into the job market.

O Tech Power is a platform that seeks to bring more people from underrepresented and low-income groups into the world of technology. This is one of iFood's actions to support the company's commitment to training and employing 25 thousand people of underrepresented audiences in the technology area. 

To date, more than 50 thousand people from underrepresented or low-income profiles have signed up to Potência Tech. More than 28,000 scholarships have already been granted, and more than 1,900 people have managed to find their way onto the market with the help of the program.

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