iFood offers 50 thousand scholarships to study programming

Bootcamp held in partnership with DIO will have trails to learn programming from scratch and create games

iFood Tech opens today (September 18), in partnership with DIO, registrations for the Potência Tech iFood Bootcamp, with 50 thousand scholarships for those who want to learn programming from scratch or game development. 

Applications are open until October 29th, and the scholarships are aimed at beginning professionals or those in career transition, mainly in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability or diversity groups – everyone must be over 18 years old.  

The bootcamp will have two tracks. One of them, Programming from Scratch, is a 60-hour online course to strengthen the foundation of programming by training computational logic. Participants will learn about algorithms and apply new knowledge to software development.  

The game development track teaches Javascript by developing games in this language, and takes more than 70 hours. In the end, participants created a game and a piano simulator, among other activities.

Why is iFood giving these grants?

The Potência Tech iFood Bootcamp is an initiative connected to one of the iFood goals in education: accelerate employability in the technology area and train and employ 25 thousand people from underrepresented and low-income populations by 2025.

“iFood’s purpose is to feed the future, and we want to do this with education. As a technology company, we believe that technology education is part of the present, not just the future”, says Roberta Piozzi, education manager at iFood. 

The announcement of the 50 thousand scholarships was made on CIEE Expo, the largest youth employability event in Latin America, held from September 18th to 22nd in São Paulo.

iFood is a master sponsor of Expo CIEE. “We want to reach the 60,000 young people who attend the event to spark their interest in the career,” says Roberta. 

“CIEE is a storehouse of talent. Many young people go through apprenticeship, internship and other programs, so it makes a lot of sense to connect with those who have synergy of purpose”, he concludes.

More scholarships in technology

Registration ends today for the offer of unlimited scholarships for online training in the AWS Re/start Program – fundamentals in technology and computing in the AWS cloud.

These Potência Tech scholarships in partnership with Escola da Nuvem target people who are unemployed, underemployed or in low-wage occupations; in a vulnerable situation; black men and women and the LGBTQIAPN+ community.

Potência Tech also has another 120 scholarships for Generation Brasil's intensive Java Full Stack Web Development (React) + Javascript Full Stack Web Development bootcamp. Registration is open until September 20th.

The course lasts 12 weeks and is aimed at people in socioeconomic vulnerability or diversity groups. To register, you must be over 18 years old, have completed high school, reside in the city of São Paulo and the region and have no employment relationship.

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