iFood achieves goal of women in senior leadership positions

Company exceeds objective of having 35% women in senior management positions before December, the deadline

Gender equality and women's empowerment are part of Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (United Nations) — and also of iFood inclusion goals.

In March 2021, the company made the commitment public to have, by December 2023, 50% of women in leadership positions (from coordination upwards) and 35% in senior leadership positions — from head (one level above management) or higher.

One of these goals has already been achieved: in 2023, the company already has 35.2% of women in senior leadership positions. Another is on the way to being achieved — iFood has 45.4% of women in its leadership positions.

They are results that came with initiatives such as education and training so that more women work with technology — such as the courses offered by Tech Power and the Takes off—, raising awareness among employees and leaders about equity and encouraging the hiring and development of women, with support and mentoring. 

“A dream that I believe I can achieve in my generation is to build solutions that are effective in reducing and eliminating inequalities in our society”, he comments Luana Ozemela, vice president of iFood. 

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