iFood signs UN Global Compact for a better future

iFood is the first foodtech in Brazil to sign the UN Global Compact, the largest sustainability and corporate inclusion initiative in the world. Know more!

O iFood is one of the newest members of the group of companies that signed the UN Global Compact (United Nations), being the first foodtech in Brazil. Now in August, foodtech became part of the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, which brings together more than 12 thousand companies in 160 countries.

By signing the UN Global Compact, iFood reaffirms its commitment to aligning its strategies and operations with the principles established by the UN in the areas of sustainability, education and social inclusion. It is also committed to following the Sustainable Development Goals, that is, the goals set by 193 world leaders to solve the planet's main social and environmental challenges by 2030.

Before signing the pact, iFood had already been launching, since February 2021, public commitments, goals and action programs to reduce the environmental impact of delivery operations, invest in education, promote social inclusion and also food security.

“With the same spirit of innovation and technology that drives our business, we want to contribute to building a more sustainable and inclusive future”, says André Borges, head of sustainable solutions at iFood.

In practice, this future has already begun with iFood Decola (education and training initiatives for the world of work and entrepreneurship), iFood Regenera (sustainability actions, such as being carbon neutral, investing in non-polluting modes and reducing plastic pollution ) and iFood Include (initiatives to have more diversity and inclusion in hiring and accelerate careers for minority groups).

With these initiatives, iFood invests to achieve results even before 2030 arrives. The three programs have goals to be met by 2025. Check out each of them in the infographic below, what they are.


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