iFood Benefits combines food and meal vouchers in an app and a single card, with no fees*

O iFood Benefits There is something new for companies that adopt iFood Benefits as a way of providing food and meal vouchers to their employees: a card that combines both functions on a single card. Launched in April 2021, in partnership with Elo, the iFood Benefícios Elo card passes through any card machine and also through the Elo app. iFood.

In addition to this option, companies also have a platform where managers can manage benefits, and employees have an exclusive iFood Benefits application, where they can view balance, statements, block and unblock cards, among other functions.

In this way, the worker expands his range of options for using the benefits. The iFood Benefícios card is accepted in any restaurant, bakery, cafeteria, pastry shops and markets that accept Elo – considered the largest network of establishments in the market, with more than 4 millions of points that accept the card.

Card users also have the flexibility to choose the benefit that best suits their needs. Those working from home can use the balances of both vouchers to place orders at any of the 270,000 restaurants registered in the iFood app, as well as at more than five iFood Mercado partners and more than 4,000 iFood Mercado Express partners.

Those who are working in person at the company can pay for meals in restaurants using the iFood Benefícios Elo card or on the iFood app.

Flexibility in the palm of your hand

Throughout the month, benefits are managed through the iFood Benefits app, which shows the statement, how much was spent on each modality – meal and food – and also allows users to manage how much they can and are willing to spend per month on each one of the valleys.

“We want employees to use food and meal benefits in a way that makes sense to them and with autonomy”, says Paula Rabelo, growth director at iFood Benefícios. “We bring a simple digital platform, in which users manage their benefit or their balance in a single application and choose whether they want to use it for delivery, go to the establishment, using it as a payment method”

Advantages for business too

At the other end, more than 1,500 companies have already adopted the solution to provide both vouchers – at no extra cost or fees – to more than 150,000 workers. As iFood Benefits is part of the PAT (Worker Food Program), it is a regulated benefit exempt from social charges.

For establishments, the advantage is that they now accept a new form of payment without paying extra fees, since sales are made with a credit card on the same machine that already carries the Elo brand.

*Offer of two distinct benefits that respect applicable legislation, segregated and with specific purposes: iFood Meal and iFood Alimentação. Most accepted card compared to food and meal voucher companies that do not have a brand card

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