iFood and Oracle offer 5 thousand programming scholarships

Partnership will have 2,000 exclusive bags for delivery men and women; another 3,000 will be aimed at underrepresented and low-income audiences

In partnership with Oracle, iFood is offering, through Tech Power, 5,000 scholarships for the ONE (Oracle Next Education) program, which has online courses focused on programming.

Of these scholarships, 2,000 will be allocated exclusively to training of iFood delivery men and women, and the other 3,000 are aimed at underrepresented groups in technology and low-income people.

This is the largest number of bags ever offered by iFood to delivery men and women. “It's really cool to see their interest in having training and qualifications for the job market, especially in an emerging market, such as technology”, says Roberta Piozzi, Tech Education coordinator at iFood. 

“We understand that this is one of the most democratic areas, because it is not necessary to complete college: with a boot camp or short course, it is now possible to enter the job market”, he adds.

O Potência Tech completed one year of existence in October, with more than 35 thousand people registered on the platform, more than 12 thousand scholarships distributed and more than 900 people employed in technology.

During this period, three other partnerships with the Oracle program, which is focused on education and employability with a social objective, have already generated a thousand technology scholarships in 2021 and another 3,700 this year.

What will the course be like?

The scholarships are for a six-month trail of mandatory content, with the possibility of extending it for up to nine months. In classes, students will learn programming logic and personal development, front-end or backend and Business Agility & Entrepreneurship. 

In addition to these tracks, which are mandatory for completing the six-month journey, an optional track is offered, covering OCI Foundations, MySQL and Data Science, lasting another three months.

Whoever receives the scholarship will have access to the trail content and will be able to participate in live question-answering classes, challenges on the technical trails and join the community on Discord.

Registration is now open and can be done via Potência Tech website or in special page for delivery men and women until 11/21. Access to the course starts on 1/12.

According to Roberta, this partnership is part of the the company's commitment to training and employing 25 thousand people with underrepresented profiles in technology until 2025. “Our purpose is to feed the future of the world. Training people in technology, also looking at employability, proves to be an efficient way to generate more income and social promotion”, he explains.


Scholarships for ONE (Oracle Next Education) Program

Registration: until 11/21 at website for delivery people or in Potência Tech website

Course start: 1/12

Duration: 6 months (with the possibility of extending up to 9 months)

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