iFood talks about food security in Cidade do Futuro

André Borges, the company's head of sustainability, presented iFood's actions to combat hunger at the festival

Projects for a future city go far beyond urban spaces. After all, it is also a priority to ensure decent living conditions for those who will inhabit it. In this sense, one of the biggest challenges is that of food security.

To talk about this, the head of iFood sustainability, André Borges, participated in the “City of the Future Festival”. The event focused on innovation, culture and technology and was held on January 25th in São Paulo (SP), with the participation of startups paulistanas and support from the city hall and ProCentro.

André was one of the speakers at the Startups For Good debate arena, where the conversation was about social impact businesses. According to the organizers of the event, the entrepreneurs of the future have the role in solving major societal problems

Beside startups and professionals in the area of innovation, André participated in the presentation of solutions from technology companies in the food industry with a focus on fight against hunger —alongside Pedro Martins, innovation and sustainability manager at Liv Up, and Luis Borba, CEO of SuperOpa. The debate was moderated by Alcione Pereira, founder and CEO of Connecting Food Brasil, iFood partner in All the table.

Donations on the iFood app

In his speech, André highlighted the donations made through the iFood app. Since they were implemented in 2020, more than R$ 25 million has been raised and transferred to the company's partner NGOs.

“In this way, we put our main asset, the application, at the service of society”, he states. “It’s a quick and safe way to make a donation, without bureaucracy. With one click, customers can support causes aligned with the iFood banners, which are education, environment It is combat the hunger."

André also spoke to those present at the event about the Todos à Mesa project, the first Brazilian coalition of companies and organizations to combat hunger and food waste. 

The movement already has 17 companies, including iFood and Connecting Food Brasil. And in 2022 it benefited 2.4 million people.

In just over a year, Todos à Mesa redistributed 6 thousand tons of food that would have been wasted in industry and retail. “It’s a good example of how we need to join forces between actors from society and the private sector to maximize impact”, he explains. “The problem is very big, and the lever alone is short.”

iFood’s actions in the fight against hunger

In 2022, iFood will also joined the 15 for 15 Pact of Citizenship Action to help 15% of the population who are experiencing severe food insecurity. Through Todos à Mesa, companies increased donations, for three months, to NGOs participating in the Pact — and more than 320 tons of food were donated. 

Another important action is school gardens. The project began in 2021, with three vegetable gardens in São Paulo It is Ferraz de Vasconcelos, implemented in partnership with Gerando Falcões. 

At the end of 2022, the five vegetable gardens operating in public schools in São Paulo were producing 15 tons of food, which was donated. The action had a positive impact on the lives of 3,000 children.

Furthermore, the company contributes to raising donations in specific campaigns, such as the Christmas Without Hunger, promoted by Ação da Cidadania and Coca-Cola, and the emergency and humanitarian action of CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) of Ação da Cidadania to collect donations for the Yanomami in 2023.

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