iFood rises in the ranking of companies with the best reputation in the country

iFood evolved and ranked 18th in the ranking of companies with the best reputation in the country. Its top executives also moved up; know more.

Foodtech ranks 18th in the general survey and is among the top three in e-commerce in the Merco Survey

iFood advanced to 18th place in the overall ranking of the one hundred companies that have the best reputation in Brazil, prepared by Merco (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor), a company that has been measuring this index since 2013 in the country.

In 2021, foodtech rose 17 positions on this list; in 2020, it ranked 35th. In the e-commerce category, iFood was among the three companies with the best reputation — check it out here the online event video of the announcement.

“This is the result of a series of efforts that iFood has been making for society, delivery people and restaurants”, comments Manuela Cherobim, Public Relations Manager at iFood.

“The implementation of new technologies, such as non-polluting modes, the firm position on the need for regulation of professionals who work with the new economy and inclusion and education initiatives are just some of the efforts that iFood has been making as a Brazilian company and aware of its role as a positive agent of transformation.”
Another positive result was that two of iFood's main executives not only placed well on the list but also rose several positions compared to the previous edition. CEO Fabricio Bloisi went from 35th to 30th place, and corporate vice president Carlos Eduardo Moyses, from 50th to 25th position.

The Merco ranking selects companies based on a survey carried out with directors of large companies, who nominate the candidates. Then, they evaluate performance in terms of economic and financial results, quality of the commercial offer, talent, ethics and corporate responsibility, international dimension of the company and innovation — these analyzes are also carried out by other professionals, such as journalists, consumers and researchers.

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