Luana Ozemela joins UNICEF Advisory Board

Vice President of Social Impact at iFood joins other leaders in support of the rights of Brazilian children

Luana Ozemela, vice-president of Social Impact at iFood, was invited to participate in the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) Advisory Board in Brazil.

She will assume this role at the invitation of UNICEF, a global UN agency whose mission is to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents —especially the most vulnerable— and which has been operating in Brazil since 1950.

The Council is a local strategy and has existed in the country for four years. It brings together leaders from different areas to create actions so that more Brazilian children have access to health, education and protection. In this way, the Council seeks to create a purposeful dialogue between the private sector and the philanthropic ecosystem.

“My motivation to join the UNICEF Advisory Board is driven by a deep conviction that, through coordinated and strategic actions, we can effectively promote significant changes for children and adolescents around the world,” says Luana.

“UNICEF’s commitment to fundamental rights, social justice and a systemic approach fully aligns with my vision for a more inclusive and equitable future.”

Luana Ozemela, Vice President of Social Impact at iFood

“I look forward to actively contributing, learning and working collectively to dismantle inequalities and create lasting opportunities for future generations,” she adds.

What does the UNICEF Advisory Board do?

Among the contributions expected from members of the UNICEF Advisory Board are support for UNICEF in expanding and strengthening relationships with local private sector networks, the world of philanthropy, and the media — as well as providing strategic insight to advise the organization on themes common to the Brazilian panorama.

“UNICEF’s mission, centered on fundamental rights and social justice, is completely aligned with my vision for a more inclusive future. I can’t wait to actively contribute, learn and join forces in building a more equal world full of opportunities for the next generations”, says Luana. 

The UNICEF Advisory Board usually has between eight and fifteen members, chosen from people who work as businesswomen, philanthropists, influencers and in the media. The choice of these counselors, according to UNICEF, takes into account their stance, influence, integrity, knowledge, reputation, interest and engagement with social causes. 

“We need to be visionary to create more, but pragmatic to focus on what can really make a difference”, explains Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, UNICEF representative in Brazil.

Who are the counselors in Brazil?

Currently, the UNICEF Advisory Board is made up of:

  • Renata Afonso – president of the UNICEF Brazil Council
  • Neca Setubal – president of the Board and Tide Setubal Foundation
  • Luciano Huck – TV presenter
  • Deborah Vieitas – president of the Board of Directors of Banco Santander Brasil
  • Fernando Iunes – vice-chairman of Citibank Brasil, president of the Board of Movimento Bem Maior and advisor to Instituto Rodrigo Mendes
  • Fernando Yunes – senior vice president and leader of Mercado Livre in Brazil
  • Jeane Tsutsui – president of Grupo Fleury
  • Hugo Rodrigues – chairman of McCann Worldgroup for WMcCann, Craft Brasil and Aldeiah
  • Otto von Sothen – CEO of Grupo Tigre
  • Patricia Muratori – YouTube director for Latin America
  • Roberto Sallouti – CEO and member of the Board of Directors of BTG Pactual
  • João Pedro Paro – UNICEF advisor and president of the Pact for Sports Council
  • Nicola Calicchio – chairman of the Cimed Board.

What is the role of board members?

The main responsibilities of UNICEF Advisory Board members are: 

  • Support UNICEF in expanding and strengthening strategic alliances with the private and philanthropic sector to increase outcomes for children; 
  • Provide consultancy to UNICEF Brazil to increase its visibility through traditional and social media and other communication channels; 
  • Support UNICEF Brazil in expanding and optimizing its network, including with companies, foundations, business platforms and individual philanthropists;
  • Help UNICEF Brazil with the market understanding of trends, regulations and other situations potentially impacting its resource mobilization potential; 
  • Provide UNICEF Brazil with advice on any other issues related to its engagement with the private sector and partnerships.

Members of the UNICEF Advisory Board participate in at least three plenary meetings per year, in addition to carrying out consultations and complementary activities (such as building strategies, representing at events and participating in communication activities). 

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